Somebody's someone

Aug 9, 2006 at 22:22 o\clock


elo people i havnt wrote in this in aaggess lol well anyway , just a quick catch up on my life lol wellll....where do i start?

so its now the 6 weeks summer holidays n ive been hanging round with april k-lee kay n tht lot n those girls actually do get me in stitches lol umm ive met some new people (bois lol) dan keiran **dean** nathan anth ben kerris n some more n there all sound as fuck especially ddeeaann omg people you dont know how much i love this boy. Hes a *sholing boy* (tsb) umm well i dunno he is actually probably one of the most genuin boys ive ever met, hes proper sweet and caring and can make me laugh n i met him the other night n he kissed me!!! OMG i was like WHHHOOAA. Im going out tonight with kay at like 11 or somthing and meeting dean and his mate but dean cant stay out for long coz he has to get up at 6 in the morning for work :(:( (hes only 17 lol) well there is actually like ALOT more to say but i just cant really be botherd to type it all lol you know how it is =}

Jul 16, 2006 at 18:14 o\clock

my birthday!!!!!!!!!

well today has been pretty fun lol i went into town with lauren n then met up with these boys called Dizz dean and a load of other boys who i dont know. Then they all went off somewhere coz we was goin to meet rikki. While we was with rikki we walked past ashley who was, at the time, really fit lol. Thhnneeennn dizz phoned me again tellin me to go back with them so we all went over with them then rikki went n got ashley. Then ashley asked me out but because i had seen him upclose i didnt think he was fit anymore but he actually has got a really good personality. And thennn dizz said that dean likes me but dizz likes me to and none of dizz's mates like lauren because they said shes not fit lol bless. And i like dizz to but now i just feel bad about dean and ashley lol OMG also rikki fancies me omg boys these dats ay?! lol. Anywayyy so thats about it i guess.

Jul 2, 2006 at 20:22 o\clock


well i was at the beach today with lauren to 2 other people from grove park. It was quite good i guess apart from now i feel really sick coz i swallod ALOT of sea water because everyone kept throwing me into the water =(. Ummm well it was well funny i was digging a mote thing and i fouond some sanky sock to i threw it behind me n some really FIT spanish boi started having a go at me coz i accidently threw it at him. I found it fucking hilareous seeing as i couldnt understand a word he was saying lol. Well. It was SOOO hot n im seriously tired. And ive just kinda wasted all my energy just on typing all this out so i guess im gonna leave now n write a full description about it tomorrow maybe.

Jun 21, 2006 at 18:14 o\clock


Meh im so effing bored!! im grounded untill my birthday -or so my mum thinks- lol, cant really be botherd to explain the reason why.

School was good and bad today.

Good because well its not just me and becky at break and lunch time anymore were all kinda merged into one big group n thts pretty funny lol

OMG gina licked ma face today it was disgusting lol

Ummmm i dunno my body is still aching from sports day i duno why n it didnt help with ryan flooring me today!! lol

Umm well the only bad part of the day is i cant belive how two faced Lara*** is (not her real name)

i mean, fucking hell!, she tells me to ignore two certain girls n today she was licking there asses!! IGNORING me in german today so i was just sat talking to Karl. Which to be honest im not really bothed by because i talk to karl alot anyway seeing as ive known him since we was 4 years old.

But apart from that it was a pretty fun day. In D.T i made my name out of wood n when the teachers n everyone else saw it they was all like wow thats really good!! n all tht n they was all asking me to make then one, but i only had enough time to make, me, gina, bill n lewis's nephew Theo one because the bell went. Also Gina got me Laughing SO much! i looked over at her, n this may sound sick, but she had a load of snot dangaling from her nose!!!!!!! I was literatly about to wee myself as i was laughing so hard! lol

N we was talkuing about how we needed new boyfriends!! lol

well thats about it


bye xxxx


n also, im happy coz ive had this web blog a year now XD

Jun 12, 2006 at 18:43 o\clock


omg the effing heat is driving me nut!!! Dnt get me wrong i love the summer but ehhh its to hot to early in the season lol.

Ummm well lately ive just been out n about with all ma grls n bois lol

Went out with Sarah becky n steph today, went up the rowing club, met Phil, some other random bois came along. I knew one of the but owell lol

Well i cant really be botherd to type anything atm so il carry on with this later lol.

Jun 7, 2006 at 22:36 o\clock

my day =)

well, to be honest, its been a pretty good day today lol. School was okies even though i kinda forgot to hand in my science book and coursework. But after school wat fun

ASC REPPING SO19 WOT!!! haha funny

Me and becky was down the rowing club in woolston and we saw this boy there and hes was weelllll fit lol. Hes 15 in year 10 at bitterne park.Thats all i asked him lol and its funny coz we was playing fetch with his dog lol. Ummmm on the way home was sooooo funny lol it was propa jokes with becky.....YOUR MY CHADDAR!!! spitting everywhere, YOUR MY BUTTERCUP!! if your chin turns yellow it means you like butter!! lol and looaaddss more.

Whoa was it hot today lol. My dad said it will be getting even hotter each day still sunday and thats good because me n the rest of ASC r going into bournemouth to the beach n then on sunday Alex is taking me to the cinema to see The Omen lol.

Well also, our school might be getting closed down to merge with grove park. And im like the only person that wants this school to close down. Mrs Carter keeps going on about how its the heart of the community but at the end of the dat who really cares? lol. And its not just for that reason that grove park is a ALL boys school lol and tht alex, blaine, sam, morgan and dan go there but also grove park would also be getting closed down and getting re-done. Its like a new start. New school name, new uniform, new students and teachers. I think it would be pretty cool. But i guess by the time it all starts to even happen i would of left Woolston. So im not really too botherd to be honest lol.


Jun 5, 2006 at 17:20 o\clock


Well yesterday was kinda fun i guess, i stated off kinda slow but i guess it got better when steph was with us, also when alex was with us too. On msn last night Alex said to me 'what would you say if i asked you out?' and i was like, i hope this isnt going to where i think its going, i said to him i dont know because he cheats on alot of girls, also hes already seeing someone.

And, also, today was the first day back after a amazing half term, and ive already gone and ruined it at school, i wont get into anything because people from my school MAY be reading this and might grass me up to teachers or something, all i can say is that tomorrow at school i will most likely end up in isolation room AGAIN but if i do im not really botherd coz i like it in there.

Jun 2, 2006 at 18:29 o\clock

2nd may

Last night

last night nothing much happend i just went and meet every down the fair. At 8 becky had to go in to it was just me, alex, sophie, blain, morgan and bryan. Then morgan went, then when we was all walking up to the fair again we saw morgan and some other boy and they was with us for a while. Then morgan and the other boy went home. And so did bryan. Then everyone pretty much went home at like 9:30 ish so i just went him


well nothing much has happend today, i went to call for becky at about 1ish and left about 2:45, i just went to call for her now but shes out with her mum i dunno how long for though. Ill call for her whenever shes gets back, then we will probably go meet up with alex and whoever else hes with. 2moz my mum is giving me some money for the fair again, but i dunno how long it will be there for but when its done down the reck it will be down chamberlayne so i will most likely go there if i can be honest, coz now the fair is where everyone meet up at.

well anyway bye bye x

May 31, 2006 at 11:29 o\clock


Ikon was sik!!! im actually really glad Lewis (new bf) didnt come because otherwise i wouldnt of got to do something with someone which il get into a bit later on.

Well when we first got there i felt quite sick and i didnt really want to do anything but then i just had some water to drink and i was feeling great!! Me and becky went onto the dance flour and it was great because people kept making big circles where someone dances in the middle - like the kinda things you see on tv or something.

After a while we saw Mark there. And then we was Mark haynes there and i was chatting to him for abit - i asked him if things were ok with me and him because after we broke up about 2 years ago we wasnt exactly the best of friends.

Then me and Becky went back to the dance floor and found ourselves surronded my realllyyy buff boys lol and there. Becky asked some fat boy to dance with me and then his really buff mate dan said he wanted to dance with him so i went with him and becky got left with the other boy. lol. And thats why im glad lewis wasnt there because otherwise i wouldnt of got to dance with dan and im just so glad i didnt coz omg hes so buff and kind and ahh hhmmm lol he said he cant wait to see me at the next ikon so i will definatly be going to it!! lol

anyway thats about it for last night lol.

Much love



May 28, 2006 at 19:35 o\clock


omg well im talking to mark on msn and he wants to meet me tomorrow coz im going into town anyway to buy some new clothes for summer. My mum is giving me £50 (about $100 i think) but i just got off the phone with becky and now apparently i go out with lewis but i like both of them and ahhh i dont know what to do!!

May 27, 2006 at 20:43 o\clock


Well, i dunno what to write. Im so confussed!!

you see, last thursday i went to the reck with Becky and her boyfriend James. And while we was there James' friend Lewis came along. I didnt actually know him but id seen him around school alot. And we just started talking and messing around together. And when i had to go home he walked me home along with James and Becky and he just putting his arm around me and stuff. And just as i was walked to my road he asked me out. I said no and walked up my road. They next day i we was messing about at lunch and breat and i asked him out and he said he'll tell me the answer later (coz lloyde was around lol) i havnt seen him since friday because hes round his mums house. But he told James he'llcall for me monday. But also, ive met another one of James' mates, steven. And hes proper funny n really nice n hes a bmx'er. i was with him today lol. hes really nice. I dont THINK i fancy him but i dunno watever. But the thing is im not sure if i still like Mark or not. I just wanna see him so i can make sure of how i feel about it. I know Lewis is the better pick out of the two of them because i know lewis wouldnt do anything to purposly upset me and he couldnt cheat. And Mark cheats on people all the time and while we was together he upset me alot and i dunno why i even still liked him. I dunno. Boys suck lol.

anyway thats about it lol

much love



May 23, 2006 at 20:02 o\clock

tuesday 23rd May

Well i wasnt in school today. Ive got the worst cold EVER. Yesterday we had these test things (just when i thought they were all over!) and literatly, every two seconds it was *sniff sniff*.....*sniff sniff*......*sniff sniff*. It was effing annoying and really grose to because they didnt even have any tissues at the effing office!!! And there was NO WAY i was gonna use the tissue from the toilets like everyone told me to, i think thats just  repulsive. So yeah, i had to gowithout. Ehh my voice is kinda croky and thats kinda annoying.

Now, the question many people are asking me - 'Are you back together with Mark yet?' And for the last time, NO. I dunno whats happening with us. Last time is spoke to him, like i said, he was saying stuff like 'i wish i was with you' bla bla bla. But that was nearly 3 weeks ago. I havnt seen him since. His phone has been switched off the whole time. So i havnt spoke to him. Darrens phone is turned off. So if Keiran is at school, or if im at school, i'll ask him whats going on with him. not sure if i even still like him in that way. I havnt seen him in a month and spoke to him in 3 weeks. So, i just feel like, i dunno like were 'drifting' away. When we first met we spent most of our free time together. But, owell. Life goes on.

Well i havnt really got much to say now. So bye i guess.

Much love



May 14, 2006 at 20:16 o\clock

Sunday 14th May

Mood: ok

Well nothing much going on today.

I got a new mp4 play (no, not mp3..mp4) today seeing as somebody *not saying names* broke my, better, old one which i had got for christmas last year. Well. I was looking through it and it has sooo much memory on it! Ive already put about 7 albums worth of songs on it. Plus ive put up a load of pics. And when i was looking to see what movies it had on its, too my luck, its had 8 mile on it! I was like...YAY. I love that movie so much i think its brilliant lol.

Well last night i was speaking to mark. It started of with what we normally do, calling eachother a bitch and telling eachother to fuck off (not being seriously of course were just messing about) and then he said to me "i wish i was with you but you do want to be with me any more do you" and from then our conversation just got really serious. He said he wants to for more than my "good looks, sence of humour and gd personalitly" and i was kinda confused with what he said by that. Then he said "i want you more than that and i know you want me for more than that" so i was kinda confussed but what he ment by that so when i asked him bout it he just said "sex". And thats when i started getting stressed. I said to him "so am i just your booty call then?!" and he just said "no way ur way more to me than that" and then i just went. He said he would be online today at 3 but he hasnt been online so far and its now 7:10.

I asked a few people if they think i should get back with him and it was a mix of answers and that just got me even more confused about what i should do. They next time i will probably see him is wednesday if he binks school. But im not sure if he will. So i dunno what to do now so im pretty screwed because if he doesnt bunk then i probably wont see him till next weekend so then that would be 2 weeks i havnt seen him. If i see him next saturday or something we will probably go swimming or something. I might go on my own, i might not and if i dont i will most likely bring becky and her bf James.

Well. I havnt done much today just sat about in the house really. School tomorrow. Oh joy (note my sarcasm). No school on wednesday because of review day. Im pretty glad ive got a early time so then i get the rest of the day free. And because there is not school i also get to miss assembaly!! wohoo!! lol.

Well thats about it for today.

Much love



May 11, 2006 at 18:35 o\clock

11th May 2006

So today i had my final S.A.T tests wohoo! There officially over! Im so glad they are. Um..nothing much happend today.

It kinda weird coz im kinda mingling with different people alot lately. Gina has wanted me to stayt with her at lunch times now so during lunch ive been with Kirsty and Sammy and tht crowd. lol. Kinda funny.

So, i know ive probably said this on a blog tons of times before. But i'm think im really ready for a steady, serious relationship. I know! your probably to younge for commitment. But like i said. Its something that i really want and im ready for. I've expericened something i didnt think i was ready for. But it turned out i was and if i wasnt then it would of ended up VERY embarrasing.

Last sunday i kinda done something with Mark which ended up with Cathy now not liking me. Well ive told her before that Mark kissed me whilst there were together but she didnt belive me. And i guess if she did belive me then she wouldnt of got so mad and upset about it.

Well anyway. After sunday i kinda thought Mark was trying to avoid me a bit or somthing. But the other day he phoned me saying hed like to meet up with me wednesday but he couldnt because he was going into pompey. So i guess i'll try to plan somthing out for the weekend but thats only if hes not round his uncles house and if he is then i guess i'll just talk to him on msn or something.

I dumped Darren on tuesday. I guess i just didnt want to string him along. Dont get me wrong or anything because he is SUCH an amazing person, but hes just not for me. But Mark. I dunno. I do really like him and i have since we first met and he saids he has liked me since we first met to. But i know how he is with relationships and it doesnt seems too good. I really want to make things work with me and him but i dunno its just gonna be a rough ride.


Well thats the update.

Much love



May 4, 2006 at 17:57 o\clock

Thursday 4th may 06

Mood: good i guess
Listening to: Brook hogan - by heart

Well nothing much going on today. Wow my life has got inbelivable boring. Cant wait till the weekend. No reason. I think im going out with Ollie and all that lot. Becky is coming to. Cathy was ment to come but once again she has decided not to come. She been really moody lately and to be honest it pissing me off.

So anyway, i had my english tests today. I guess they went pretty smoothly. And i think ive got another one tomorrow. Im so glad this week is coming to an end! Yay! And as a little end of sats present to myself. I think i might go ahead and get my ear peirced.

Well im so effing board. I went out today hoping to go to the new skatepark. But Sarah dragged me over to Bens house and we was there for a while but they where just messing around acting like piss head. Sarah was already drunk anyway. So after a while i just got fed up and went home. So..i got home. Watched T.V. My mum came home with some chinese food. I ate a bit of it. And thats would be enough to fill me up for the rest of the day. Seeing as im currently living on water (Im a bit obsessed with drinking water at the moment) So yeah... i guess thats all i have to say.

Much love



May 3, 2006 at 18:30 o\clock

wednesday 3rd 06

Mood: normal - ish
Listening to: alice cooper - poison

Nothing new to write about really. Im just bored.

Well i had my Maths papers today. First paper i thought was hard-ish. Second paper, well to me it was just easy but alot of other people thinks it was really hard. The mental test was kinda in between, i think. I've got my english papers tomorrow which is deffinatly what im most anxious about doing seeing as im not exactly the best person at it. Especially as where doing someing about shackspear (didnt spell that wright) "Much to do about nothing" - well, i think its that. If not then i dunno. Dont really want to know as to be perfectly honest i couldnt care less.

Hmmm....well what have i got planned for the rest of the day... Well i was going to go down the reck to see ollie, james, aaron, "god", ect ect (some boys me n becky met, friends with ben lions and sam.s) but i, well, didnt. Simple really...couldnt be botherd.

Well ive been requested to make some scones later on lol. Also thinking about makeing a shake or something. They've kinda become my speciality.

Well my "relationships" with some people are kinda up and down. Take Cathy for example. One minute were like best best best mates, and the next its just like. "hi"..."hi" and that would be our conversation for the day.

Well anyway, thats about it for the daily update

Much love





May 2, 2006 at 19:33 o\clock

tuesday 2nd May

Mood: meh
Listening to: the offspring - want you bad

Well i dont know what to write. When i first started this blog thing i would write in it all the time. But now it's just every so often. And im telling you this because?! lol.

Well i guess it's safe to say, im Darren's girlfriend. Do i want to be? i have no clue. When i was with him yesterday, i felt comfortable. Like i can be myself. And thats normaly somthing i can't do around new people. Be myself. We both have personalitys that some people would say "connect" and that is true. Our personalitys are so alike. And i love it. But at the same time i just feel like i need someone who doesnt like the same bands as me, or has the same interests or well someone who isnt just like me. I need my own identity. I mean. I can't say anything bad about him, i mean, theres nothing wrong with him. He's into decent music. I've met pretty much his whole family the second day i knew him. He skates. He plays guitar. He decent looking. He's a pretty bad kisser but owell lol. I guess theres more to a relationship than just kissing and that sorta thing. But when im not with him, i feel like i dont want to be with him. But when im with him. I feel lucky to actually meet someone as compatable to me as him.

But, theres someone else. He tells me constantly he loves me. And i loved him once too. But, im not sure if u still do or not. I used to see him around with all these new girls. Kissing them. And it would kill me. I felt as if my heart was being ripped out. Not just because i loved him. But because told me he loves me. So, if he loves me. Why does he treat me like dirt when he's around other people? And when we're alone, he the kindest person i could know.

I just really dont know what to do. Im seeing Darren next saturday. And i only see him every weekend and if not that once a week. Sometimes school days. But the thing is, the longer i leave it to see him again. The more special it is when we actually are together.

Anyhoo. So yeah, im seeing him next saturday. Mark and Cathy will be there. And so will Keiran (i think) and hopefully his girlfriend. So i guess im just going to have to see how it goes. Before yesterday i was so convinced that Darren isnt what i want and that i was going to dump him. But i just couldnt. I couldnt bring myself to do it. I dunno why i guess by not telling him how i feel i would just be stringing him along and that is one thing i will not do to him. He's just too good a person. I know he would never do anything to hurt me or make me to anything i didnt want to do.

Well i guess im just going to see how things go. Not just with Me and Darren but with the other guy i was talking about. I cant mention his name yet. It's to risky. If you dont understand then dont worry lol. Geez im only 13 nearly 14 and i already have all these problems. Well, no need for commitment. I've got my whole life ahead of me. Im not going to rush my childhood/teen years. If you ask me there the best times of your life. Im not going to ruin it by doing something i dont need to do.

Moving on, I had my first set of S.A.T's today. The science papers. And i guess they didnt go too bad. Although some of the questions on the second paper didnt make any sence at all!! But the first paper was ok. I think i have my Maths or English paper's tomorrow.  

Well anyway. I guess that about sums it up.

Much love,

Krissy x





Apr 28, 2006 at 18:43 o\clock

So much shit

Well the title pretty much explains it. The past few month started of perfectly, and i mean perfectly. I had no faults. But no things have got pretty CRAP.

Two week ago on the day, me and Cathy went swimming and meet two boys, who then ended up becoming our boyfriends. Mine was Mark. Her's was Darren. There step brothers. So, We were going great. But then the following thursday Cathy dumped Darren by text. Which cause some drama. Mark was saying he wanted to have a go at her and Darren didnt really care. Then on the Saturday we went to the Cinema. Me, Cathy, Keiran, Darren and Mark. This is where the drama where me and Mark start to begin. I dunno, i guess we just wasnt really talking that day. And i ended spending most of the day with Keiran and Darren. At the Cinema, it was kinda weird. Mark went of and sat on his on in the corner. And soon after Cathy followed leaving me, Keiran and Darren. It was all ok because we was all having fun enjoying the movie (scary movie 4) Untill we go out of the cinema where i was shocked to see Cathy holding Marks hand. And then (surprise surprise) Mark dumps me because apparently Cathy told him i was cheating on him with Darren which is a load of bullshit. Then whilst walking back into town, Cathy had to go home. So she did. Then when me and the boys was in town Mark and Keiran started being total DICK HEADS. tthheenn Darren and Keiran went home leaving me and Mark. By then it was about 8:45pm. Mark walked me to the bus stop continuously telling me he still loves me. While i was sat waiting for the bus he started hugging me and kissed me on my forhead (lol) a few time. But because it was after 8, we only just realised the bus was not going to come. So he walked me to the carpark near-ish to the itchen bridge. He sat me down on the bench. And he said these exact words to me "oh i dont care" and started snogging me. I was blown away. That night when i got home. I phoned him as i said i would. We was just talking and again, he was saying he still loves me. (btw if you havnt gatherd Mark and Cathy had started going out after the movie ended) Then was asking me to go swimming with him and cathy the next day. At first i said no but then he said "if you still love me then you will come" and obviously i did seeing as i dont just stop loving somone as soon as we break up. So the next day (sunday) We was swimming. And i was a bit of a loner on my own because Mark was with Cathy. But everytime we was messing around with eachother he told me "you know i still love me so please just cheer up" he was telling me to cheer up because i just wasnt in a very happy or lively mood. After swimming i waited outside the chaning rooms for cathy, untill Mark steps out. He started hugging me saying seeing me sad upsets him. And then he said (in these exact words) "quick cathy isnt out yet" and tried to kiss me. Surprisingly, I said no. I just couldnt do it to Cathy. Then the other day, i told Cathy exactly what happen those days. But today she said she belives him and not me. And because we arranged to go swimming with Mark Darren and Keiran this monday, i was in now mood to go with someone who belive somone she's known for 2 weeks over her best friend whos shes known for years. Then today in english class i told her that. But after talking i said i MIGHT go. But to be honest i really dont want to. I dont want to be around Mark. First he denied the whole thing to her and now hes saying to people that i came on to him. So by saying that hes admiting it happend but saying i was the one who started the kiss. But is a load of fucking bullshit.

The after school today, i lit my fag. Then Miss Leory (deputy head) Saw me and orderd me to put it out so i just walked away ignoring her and went to the other side of the street. Then my english teacher started to shout at me (she was in the passenger seat) and i just walked off again. So as you can guess, tuesday when i come back to school i will be in a load of trouble. And as well as that we have out S.A.T's next week. Which is SHIT.

So yeah anyway. Thats just a breif description why life has started going shit again.

Mar 28, 2006 at 19:43 o\clock

Kisses for everyone!!

Mood: gr8

woo im in a really good mood today!!! Lessons have been ok, i actually didnt get a detention today! wohoo! Ermm and it was really funny in Drama becuase Danielle came in and she was sitting on her own and no one was talking to her and Akram was calling her a tramp and this is the girl who Mike Durrant liked!! haha what a tosser! Anyway and omg Yesterday after school danielle agreed to fight Hayzel today after school but she chicken out and told her mum and go her mum to phone the school and now she asked for a fight tomorrow lunch time but i garente you she wont do it coz she is pure chicken shit and i dont even like her anymore i thought it was everyone arguing with her but i found out shes been doing a load of shit stirring n bullshitting which aint cool! and umm i dunno really n the way home froms school i was giving sam and mike and other mike kisses but only on the check was sam gave me a kiss goodbye on the lips soooo yh pretty ok day i guess

Mar 27, 2006 at 18:55 o\clock

Monday 27th March 2006

Mood: annoyed coz my dad is annoying me
Listening to: nothing

Well this day has been really good actually, it started of with me launching the word of the week "alright!" lol It was so funny lol, then through out the day weve been getting chased round the school by Nico Ben and tht lot. At the end of luch me lauren and amy was walking to L6 and we got "attacked" by all them and i was just pinned to the conrner wretling with Nico then after a while ben and ryan both grabbed my legs and picked me up and tried throwing me out the fire exit lmao it was so funy =] Erm then in science me and lauren was crack up coz we kept making weird laughs and stuff sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny and well basicly just a really good day.