The Wellyboots Tribe Step Forth - again!!

Oct 6, 2012 at 12:26 o\clock

Writing to Stay Alive

by: pcjjap

I am hoping that by posting here the blog may reappear! 

I'd like the blog to stay visible as I cannot seem to figure a way to export the posts :(


Dec 23, 2005 at 01:18 o\clock

Yup - moving

by: pcjjap

I'M GOING BACK TO BLOGGER!! It's so easy now - you can blog from Word :)

Our Christmas newsletter can be seen there, so check us out over at;

C U there :) !

Dec 5, 2005 at 02:08 o\clock

Contemplating a move - back!

by: pcjjap

I have been having another look at Blogger recently and it seems to have a few more addons these days and is apparently a little more reliable thatn it was too (with a recovery system for lost posts), so as I am fed up of pasting URL's to post pictures and then having to resize them etc... I am CONSIDERING moving pack to where the blogging is a little easier! But for Now I'm here until further notice. :)

Nov 23, 2005 at 21:19 o\clock


by: pcjjap


Well having two kids at home full time for the last two days has shown me a taster of what our homeschool will be like after Christmas! Boy are girls SO different!! Phoebe has been out the last couple of mornings and Ellie was out one and asleep the other. Caleb was of course asleep too and Jacob was at school. This provided me with a great opportunity to 'do' stuff with the other two . I decided it was about time I got organised with Joel and have drafted a trial timetable to last us until Christmas at least. But them I have had to add Boo into the equation and she is SO full on an keen, but boy do I need a bit of peace now. I am all kidded out and I think I'm going to blow if one of them asks me one more question that I have answered at least three time already - which they are all so apt to do!

Anyway today consisted of Joel doing his usual Bible study and handwriting, followed by maths. Meanwhile Abbie was doing some 'rainbow tracing' (lots of different coloured lines over a single dotted line). Then they had a little play and squashed the bottles for re-cycle (anything to get them to have just a little fresh air, but not too much as it was rather bracing!). Then back in. Joel wrote and entry for his journal and Abbie played with pink cornflour & water goo. This was a fantastic activity - letter formation practice (gross motor and tactile learning), science (uum don't ask me the science of it, but I guess a bit to do with substance in suspension, as it doesn't actually dissolve - and now it has gone solid of course), art/science (we added blue to it and looked at colour mixing - made it purple and then added more pink to make it almost pink again). It's something I have always wanted to do, but didn't dare in a fully carpeted rented house, but now we have a wooden floor we are so much more free to do these things.

After a bit Joel joined in just for fun and I couldn't resist taking some piccies!

After that Abbie wanted still more so, as I was running short of fresh ideas, I gave her the EarlyBird Singapore maths book that I had lying in wait for her. She promptly whizzed through about 10 pages (4 whole lessons) with the greatest of ease! THEN she did a whole load of writing practice. Half a page of the letter 'a' and a half page of 'o' . Then she copied the words; ox, orange, ant and arrow - with reasonable letter formation so long as she remembered to 'start at the top' of each letter. I was quite amazed actually with all that she achieved today.

Meanwhile Joel was 'adding detail' to a story he had previously written and kicking off about having to rewrite it now that it was longer because it was too much writing - oh, the contrast - one can't get enough writing into her day, the other wants to do as little as possible!!! I then sent Joel upstairs to doing a touch-tyoing lesson courtesy of the BBC website - very cool and he loved it. If he can type well enough I might let him off the writing occasionally, so it's in his long-term interest .

And that was just today. Yesterday was much the same; LOTs of writing with Boo - on paper, on the whiteboard, over and over. Especially the letters 'a', 'g' and 'b' . I'm trying to get her writing her name so that I can actually tell what it says (not just the A at the beginning) and so that the letters are written correctly and in the write order. She currently writes Abigiail (extra i) and the a's and g's are so curly as to be almost unrecosgisable. We made some good progress yesterday though, I think. I'll know how well it's gone in when she writes her name on something at playgroup tomorrow!

My family project for the month is to read "The Lion,The Witch & The Wardrobe," ready for the new film's release next month. I've found some good study guides for it too, so we might 'lapbook' it - I'll see how it goes.

Pics posted later, so check back, or go see them on my Flickr account.

Nov 22, 2005 at 01:27 o\clock


by: pcjjap

Mood: strangely drained!

At last Blogigo is back up and running! Don't know what happened there, but as it's midnight I'll make it brief!

Jacob is still doing great at school and loving it. The head rang me today to give me a little update. Last week Jake was sent home with an ORS level 10 reading book, which he read in an evening - too easy! I wrote a note to the teacher just to enlighten her a little and ask why - as politely as I could . Apparently it was a mistake and he should be on level 11. I still think this is a bit too easy, but apparently the level is based on how well he can infer and comprehend, not just on his reading ability. I will grant them that his ability to infer and comprehend is probably about where they have him placed. So he can race through the school books if he likes and read more appropriate stuff at home for pleasure!! Otherwise she assures me he is settling in well, if polite, articulate and generally a bright little lad (I knew the last bit, but I never saw the former two at home).

I think he is pulling out all the stops and having a great time because of it .Shame he couldn't do it at home for me really .

Joel is working well too in the absence of his brother and consequently we are more able to do some fun stuff. Today we did Bible Study, handwritting, journal entry, cookery - making shortbread (which included practical maths of course), listening skills and art (leaf rubbing and making a tree picture). All that before 3.30pm and with an hour out for lunch and girly pick-up and a couple of little breaks hither and thither too. We would never have achieved all that in a day with Jacob at home. Then of course Joel had swimming today too, so that was PE!

Jacob and I had a chat tonight because he can see that since he went to school Joel has got to do fun stuff at home and he feels we never did anything like that when he was here.He is, of course, in essence correct in that observation, but he doesn't quite get 'why' that is. I have tried to explain to him that it is becasue when I ask Joel to do something so that I can prepare the next bit of school (or do some household task) he simply gets on and does it with very little fuss, thus freeing up more time for us to do the 'fun stuff' like art & cooking. The fact that we never did it when he was here was because he was invariable still on his first task long after he should have finished it and that held up the whole plan for the day. I did point out to him though that since he has been at school he has been doing lots more fun stuff even than Joel - music (every day so far preparing for Christmas), art, drama & dance, PE... and that his lessons are more 'fun' because they have an interactive whiteboard and lots of 'visual' tools - AND of course it's been easy because he hasn't yet learnt anything new to him!! Today they did handwritting practice and from what I could gather they were covering the basic joins that Jake did WAY back  - joining a-t and t-i- etc... (forward tail joins), so that was a doddle for him too! No wonder they think he is bright!! However they did do shape poetry today and wrote a poem about stars i the shape of a star today - that's something that was on my list 'to do soons', that we hadn't done yet and he thoroughly enjoyed it . He really likes poetry - touches a button in him I think. I can remember it did with me as a kid too, much more than prose.

Phoebe has been practicing drawing lions all week and has them off pat now - bless her .And Abbie wrote (well dictated) a story with pictures today - bizarre story line, but cute but the pic's were quite good.