*~ MeLs DiArY ~*

May 29, 2005 at 14:17 o\clock

First Diary Entry

Mood: Happy

hello and welcome to my new blog site, in which to say that I've had many different ones, so I hope this one doesnt disappoint me. Anywayz, it seems to be ok so far....            I soooooo dont want to go to school tomorrow... here are some reasons why:

  • im still getting over this bad cold and am feeling crappy.
  • i probably have homework due that i've forgotten about.
  • im enjoying this spare time and dont want to go and work.

o well, we all have to go to school, so i cant just not go. besides, i want to see my friends, and i feel so antisocial after being away on friday. omg, its my birthday in like 2 weeks and its Johnny Depp's birthday soon too!! yay! Johnny Depp is soooo good!!

anywayz, I'd better publish this first entry and see how it looks. cyaz!