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The EDC fuel card simply removes the stress from operating an international fleet.

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European Diesel Card The nature of the modern global economy is one where businesses need to compete on international levels.  That’s why you’ll want to make use of the benefits of our EDC Fuel Card.  Having become accustomed to the advantages that fuel cards can bring at home, in order to compete with continental firms, the European Diesel Card allows for the same excellent savings to be made overseas.

The EDC Fuel Card comes with the same standard benefits as with our other products, providing security for both your staff and your company purse.  Automated e-billing means no need to burden employees with the responsibility for VAT receipts or having to pay for their own fuel up-front before claiming expenses.  Invoices are automatically emailed to your company finance department.

The pride of our UK system, is the extensive site network we can provide, and the EDC fuel card happily is able to make a European expansion.  Being accepted in over 19 European countries, from the UK, to Sweden, to Hungary, with over 3000 fuel depots, the EDC Fuel Card is an attractive prospect to any continentally operated fleet.

With depots across all major trunk routes, your drivers will never need to wander off the beaten track to fill up.  Furthermore, with the EDC fuel card network including UK depots as well, you gain the flexibility to refuel at any stage of the journey.

The EDC fuel card simply removes the stress from operating an international fleet.


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Top five reasons to use fuel cards

Want to know why you ought to think about using fuel cards? Of course you do. Here are the top five reasons so many companies and private individuals choose to make the switch to using fuel cards to purchase their diesel or petrol rather than paying using traditional cash or credit cards instead.

1. Convenience

Scrabbling around for spare change from the petty cash tin or juggling who needs the company credit card when can be a difficult task. Multiple fuel cards can be linked to a single account, so you can ensure every driver has a card they can use to top up their tanks when they need to. Fuel cards can also be used to pay for other important vehicle purchases too, such as engine oils, which saves drivers from being caught short in the case of an emergency and having to pay for company purchases on their own accounts.

2. Only pay for fuel

Accidents happen, and even the most trustworthy of drivers might be tempted to sneak in a small personal purchase or two when entrusted with the company credit card. Whilst these spends are typically only small items, such as chewing gum or sweets, a few extra pounds here and there can certainly add up over the years. Fuel cards will ensure that you’re only paying for your vehicles’ cravings, and not your drivers’ too.

3. Cost Effective

Nobody wants to pay more than they have to for anything. This is especially true for fuel, which can be a huge expense to businesses. Most fuel cards offer savings of some sort, whether it’s in the form of discounted pump prices, fixed weekly fuel costs or in the time saved managing your drivers’ spendings on fuel that allow you to get on with your day job.

4. Cast-iron VAT reclaims

It’s all very well to be able to claim back VAT on the fuel you use professionally, but in order to do so, you need to keep records of dates, distances, spending and other details. As fuel cards often come with simple online management and e-billing, all of these details are automatically saved at the point of purchase and can make it safely into your inbox or onto your computer when you need them – no more scrabbling under the seats for lost invoices that are half faded from being in the sunlight! Fuel cards make it simple to claim back the VAT you’re owed, meaning you won’t be sinking money where you don’t have to.

5. Credit Facilities

It can’t be denied: everyone is feeling the pinch. For both businesses and individuals, sometimes delaying a payment can be the only viable option when you have more month than money. Most fuel cards work on credit terms, allowing you anything from a week or two up to a month to settle your invoices. This is particularly useful for businesses making deliveries where invoices aren’t settled until after goods have been received, allowing you to purchase fuel and only pay for it at a later date. These fuel card credit facilities are often interest free too, so you won’t lose out on a single penny.