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Jul 22, 2015 at 05:47 o\clock

Cartier Rotonde Double Tourbillon mysterious: one of the stars of the SIHH 2015

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Cartier, the flagship brand of the Richemont group, has just presented on the occasion of the SIHH 2015, a splendid change of its iconic shows Rotunda which bears this year in its case 45 mm a tourbillon Platinum steering wheel (manual gauge 'in house') which the cage appears to float in space. A sense of magic, almost hypnotic, emerges from this piece fully conceived and designed by the folks at Cartier in Switzerland.

For some years now, the Cartier brand, well known for his sumptuous creations jewelry, decided to remind the world that she was also famous for his watch designs. As always in this kind of situation, Cartier is given the resources for its ambitions. And the results were not long to be felt... This new 2015 is the perfect example. A bold and beautiful watch. A particularly technical timepiece which perpetuates - recalls - the know-how of the brand.

A piece which takes up the identity codes of Cartier (needles swords, Roman numerals, Crown with Sapphire cabochon, dial, guilloché, etc.) and which has also recalled that the mark was an expert in the realization of Replica Watches uk mysterious clocks in the 20/30 years. And that it has not lost the hand in this area.

A slightly more thorough observation to discover how the mechanics of the Cartier 9454 MC (Poincon de Geneve) calibre contains magic. Indeed, the whirlwind flying, making a complete revolution on himself in sixty seconds, appears total suspended in a vacuum, without any apparent connection with any gear!

The effect is magical. Hypnotic. Difficult to leave eyes these a few grams of mechanical rotating in one minute. The illusion became complete when this same tourbillon cage starts second rotation whose every turn is done in 5 minutes! "Born of the creative audacity and watchmaking expertise Cartier, this double tourbillon mysterious, twice flying, sublime over a century of mysterious creations of the House" finds the prestigious Parisian fashion house in its release.

The watchmakers of the Manufacture Cartier had an ingenuity without limit for that matter and the movement birthed a fascinating kinetic sequence. In a magic trick, the artist must reach to divert attention to make his turn and to believe, thanks to the produced illusion, in the existence of supernatural forces.

Rotunda Double Tourbillon Mysterieux, the team of designers based 'tricks' of Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, the father of modern magicians, to create the illusion of levitation. In watchmaking connoisseurs know that Vortex mechanics, in hanging position, enables by the rotation of the cage in a time given, subtract the balance (the regulating organ) to the influence of gravity by smoothing its flaws of balance (making them occupy all points of a circle over a period of time).

Installed in the heart of the Rotunda Double Tourbillon Mysterieux, this fascinating and air body seems to defy the laws of universal gravitation by giving the impression by his levitation in a vacuum, that cage, performing a timed turning and making a complete revolution in its space in 5 minutes, has managed to escape it totally.

The watchmakers of the Manufacture Cartier have appealed to a disc treated anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal in which a form to the dimensions of the Rolex replica watches tourbillon has been open to the possible most perfect illusion of a cage levitating. To do this, they put in rotation disk intended to bear the cage.

In this way and by placing the wheel of minute used to stimulate the oscillator on the axis intended to limit the 'resistive couple' linked to the rotation of the whirlpool support, they were able to transmit power to the tourbillon, and so to turn in the vacuum full body in 5 minutes. Result: while the whirlpool makes a complete tour of the open and transparent space in 5 minutes, the cage performs at the same time 5 complete gyrations...

The movement 9454 MC double mysterious whirlpool is the fruit of extensive research. For example, the speed of rotation of the different mobile was the fruit of many calculations. To optimize energy consumption, the tourbillon cage makes a complete revolution in the space that is reserved in 5 minutes, because turning in one minute would have required to use 25 times more energy.

To improve the performance of this mobile, it took to minimize the weight of the components to best limit the inertia of the rotating set including disk and titanium tourbillon cage. To compensate for the weight of the body adjusting and 'flying' cage whose mass is however reduced to its simplest expression (0.28 g), a segment of the strapping for securing the gearing to the ice in gold was placed opposite the whirlpool to balance masses and by effect, create a dynamic balance