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Jul 8, 2007 at 18:16 o\clock

The Return of Dagda

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Dagda, the senior God of the Irish pantheon The Tuatha de Danaans has returned to blogging after a crisis in the home of the gods, Hyperboria. Dagda's name means The Good and as evreryone knows God is the old spelling of good so Dagda is the only divine being who can truly claim the name God. And he's Irish... 

Jaysus, has it been so long since I was here...

To be honest things have been a bit hectic in Hyperboria where us God's live, what with all this climate change and Jehovah, who is not one of us, I say again JEHOVAH IS NOT A GOD, anyway he had a nervous breakdown and went crazy in the weather systems control room. Turned up the heat in the polar regions, the silly fecker.

The mammy, Dana, Great Mother of All Things tried to calm him down but he kept ranting "youse are false gods, youse don't exist."

Now this was pushing it a bit because everybody knows Dana is not the most patient of divine mothers so before long she's smacked the little culchie in the mouth and said "if I don't exist yer didn't feel that so stop twining yer little gobshite."

By that time a lot of damage had been done, so I called all the pagan Gods together and says for two thousand years him and his boy hasve been distracting our people from the job of living in harmony. Now everything is bollocksed. Can we fix it?

An' they all said "Yes we can."

And then the Greek lad Hermes who's  a right clever feller, he says, "we can but we need some help."

And Niamh of the Yellow Hair, Goddess of youth says, "you want to get Bono, he wants to be a God, he's be glad to help out."

So I sends Mananaan the messenger off with a message for Bono only he thought I said Bonehead so he went to see Al Gore.

And now we are into the final countdown and the heat is increasing due to all Al Gore's Live Earth gigs burning so much energy.

Call in on Dagda's friends Jenny Greenteeth at Boggart Blog for more outrageous humour and Little Nicky Machiavelli for hard hitting comment

Nov 13, 2006 at 17:36 o\clock

Dagda's Back.

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Well I had a really funny post lined up for my comeback.

But this tosspot of a text editor will not let me paste from my Word document even though there is a special button for just that.

Have they not heard of the Dagda, the top God of the ancient Irish pantheon? Do they not know what I'm capable of? Have they no fecking sense.

There's an old saying in England, Scotland and Wales.


I'll be back.


Jun 20, 2006 at 19:24 o\clock

Summer Solstice

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I tell you, us Gods have supped some stuff since the spring Equinox. We have hardly been sober.

So no blogging because it all comes out like klhfgdsdgh ljhfk dufffijh dunsh. Which makes sense to us but not you.

Just so you keep us in mind until Niamh of the Yellow Hair manages to stop danging, put her tits away and write her contribution, we suggest you get in on the celebrations by checking out The Making And Unmaking Dance

Back soon with Niamh's blog and some advice from Dagda on offerings.

Jun 11, 2006 at 17:51 o\clock

A Song For The World Cup


America does not really get the World Cup. The fact that Americans insist on calling football "soccer" is probably a lot to do with that. Football is a man's game where to kick the BALL with your FOOT. Geddit.

OK, there aree some instances where players have kicked an opponents balls with their foot. Such behaviour is regrettable, but these things happen. Its a funny old game.

One of the great things about the world cup finals which happen every four years is the utterly silly songs that are issued to raise morale. Europeans long ago discovered that as Brazil win nearly every time the best way to raise morale is by habing a laugh. So the songs get silier and sillier.

As America does not really do silly the Gods of the Tuatha de Danaans have taken pity on them. To help Americans join in the spirit of The World Cup we have revanpred an old Engl;and supporters song. Find the lyrics and links to an audio and a video download at Vindaloo on Gather.com

Find out more about America's World Cup team - and this time make sure these guys get a proper welcome home. Last time after fighting their way through as complete underdogs to the semi - final, there arrival home was totally unheralded.

May 5, 2006 at 18:44 o\clock

Poetry Life and Times

No matter what your religion or spiritual leaning, poetry has the power to move us all.

Our friend Robin Ouzman Hislop has just taken over the editorship of the UK's formost poetry e-zine, Poetry Life and times, and his first edition his the web this week.

Check it out, and if you are a closet poet maybe you will consider submitting some of your work for consideration. Robin may be a pagan like us ancient gods but the only criterium for inclusion in the mag is quality. Quality is measured by skilful use of language and metre, by imagery, style and success in commicating ideas.

So if you think you are good enough why not have a go.

Poetry Life and Times