diary of a lost soul

Jan 30, 2007 at 00:32 o\clock

while i was at work i lost a good friend today

by: stebbo

ouch, lottie has now denounced our friendship because she cant handle the chemistry between us yet we both have very perfect relationships, its fair to say there is chemistry and im not ashamed to admitt it lol but i love ali too much to ever leave her. but god does she have to cut off our friendship? ive been deleted from her myspace, probably from her phone and anywhere else too. makes me feel really down to think that ive lost a good friend, really didnt htink it would get this far but it has and boy does that suck, i know its beck's doing not lotties which just makes it worse because lottie would never not want to know me, thats impossible, once again ive lost someone close to me because their best friend dissapproves. can life ever get much harsher?

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