diary of a lost soul

Dec 17, 2006 at 14:47 o\clock

second pc in 2 days!

by: stebbo

wow so the pc was working yesterday and now its broken overnight?? lucky i have 2, but ive lost all my data imanaged to save on the old comp it just pissesme off, that computer is cursed its sucked so much money out of me, i hate it, its cursed to pieces and grrrr im not the kinda personwho cries so why am i almost in tears over an inanimate computer?? god its a bitch. this one is working but grrr its got to have everything reinstalled on it, msn, firefox and flashplayer (which is taking fucking ages
 again!!) well im seeing ali when she finishes work today for a good fun time which will hopefully cheer me uP!!

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