diary of a lost soul

Jan 29, 2007 at 12:16 o\clock

problems keep piling on up lol

by: stebbo

ali phoned me again crying last night and boy did i not know what to do one again, its getting to me really badly now, she obviously has an issue with me because she said she couldnt see me today because she will just cry on me, and being a girl when i asked her about it all i got was no nothings wrong, now all us guys have learned im sure that when a girl says theirs nothing wrong? were not gonna get anything more out of them until they want to tell us so i gave up made sure i was coming over today and i will give her some extra special tlc. i dunno what else to do im at a total whits end, i think my obsession with getting 2 computers built isnt helping but but oh god the opposite sex sure as hell confuses me a lot! extra problem with sarahs computer im building is that once everything is plugged in i decided to give it a basic test... no power comes on so grrrrrrr i think ive fucked up big time, so im gonna have to take it into mantis and have them tell me somethignm it hink i already know, ive fucked the motherboard, probably static damage but hey i will take it in see if they can fix it.and boy does things liek this make me angry. but i guess its part of the learning curve. well anyway im off to blandford now to sort out everything i have to do, which is more problems opening an account with lloyds so i am instead going to get one with natwest or something im just pissed of with lloys no end, because when i applied i didnt give our house name, but the rest of my address is the same, they say its a diffeent address, and i understand where their coming from and as far as a computer is concerned thats fine they are different so it denies it but surely there should be a human aspect to their service because the rest of the address is the same so grrr oh im gonna fucking give up and open an account with nat west, im sure its much easier and more efficient.

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