diary of a lost soul

Jan 24, 2007 at 21:36 o\clock

life sucks once again

by: stebbo

lol was thinking for a while how amazing life is and how cool it is, then the fucking pigs pull me for not indicating round a roundabout and having a busted tail light and end up breathalising me!!? ha ha bastards suck coz i was sober behind the wheel that time!! losers! so yeh i got to keep the hwite bit i blew into which is cool it reminds me not to drink and drive...its not cool kids im never gonna do it again now!building myself a new computer which is being gay and fucking twatish! even with a haynes guide its a cunt theres a bit on it the haynes guide says we just ripped out coz it was too hard but i was determined to m,ake it work, till i riped out all my hair and cried myself to sleep and slit my wristds with a plastic knife...ok not that bad but fuck it its coming out, i'll replace it with a disk drive (yeh legacy free is going out the window) oh well it will work and be a better computer but maybe one day i will make my godlike pc!

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