diary of a lost soul

Jan 14, 2007 at 23:32 o\clock

car crash

by: stebbo

wow that shook me up, going round the roundabout to have a cunt go into my tail, hurt my pride more than anything else thank god, but it hit me how badly i was looking after ali driving recklessly like that, shook me up for 2 or 3 days afterwards, it happened on friday at 10:15 lol i think im ok now, bruised ego and dented car but its been bodged up and fixed sort of lol, well fixed up enough to be legal on the road lol! but yeh of course the otehr guy was in a landrover so no damage to his car at all the fucking cuntbag.anyway aside from that its emily dsilva'sa birthday on thursday and i popped over to hers last night, she had an all day family and friends party thing but of course i was working till 9 so imissed seeing almost all of our mutual friends, sods law but was good none the less, got to see ali and we had a final chat before she goes to see the doc to go on the pill, both of us are too reckless with the no condom on no sex rule and im scared and so is she, we know were lazy and enjoy it more with no condom so its got to be done...tmi? sorry! well yeh what a fuckup i can be! but now im over most of the shock and the car is fixed im back to my normal self...granted with a lot less money and i now have 2 weeks to live off 20 quid but i think ive been worse with money problems before so im not doing too bad! anyway peace out im fine ali's fine and my car is surviving as usual!!!! all is back to normal for now!

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