diary of a lost soul

Nov 5, 2008 at 15:09 o\clock

can you ever love someone too much?

by: stebbo

it seems like life at uni is not very good, all weekends i spent locked away with my girlfriend and all the rest of the time i am walking round like a shell of a person not really caring about anything except seeing her again. life at uni is failing my friendship group has been torn apart and uni work is nto going so well especially  with me retaking most of the first year, yet im worried im becoming like those people who leave school at GCSE's and think they can make a life, am i giving up a life of easy living for lotty? it upsets me because it does in no way bother me if i left uni and moved in with her, but is that the right thing to do? 12grand of debt i will be in and i really should have worked harder but i just want to be with her, life without lotty for these two years has pushed me to limits and i have not ever doubted my future with her at all that is the only strong connection in my life so at the moment i am working hard at uni but already foreseeing that i am going to eb dropping out at the end of the year and setling into  an office job and just being with lotty. i just feel like this life has been a shell of an existance just getting by and it really upsets me. just a quick entry this is i had a profound idea of a lot to say but nothing seems to be coming out so im gonna sit ack and wtach neighbours

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