diary of a lost soul

Jun 5, 2007 at 16:05 o\clock

can it be any better?

by: stebbo

answer is im not sure yet lets se, just got abck from a lads weekend out in blackpool, what can i say? i pulled a womanwhow as married with 2 kids and played her like a puppet! felt good to know she was married! apart from that there was no other girls but meh i have girls close to me back home so it never bothers me.

lotty did a really stupid thing which angered me to shit, she's pissed off at me so i ring up to find out why all i get is oh your a cunt fuck off and she throws her phone somewhere, forgets to hang up and her and her faltmate and their clsoe mate wiggy were discussing me and how lotty is so much better than me and how much better she can do and wow, every word of it was true. still i cant let that bother me because were going to download together and i cant wait!  i think it will be a blast! i cant wait for my first ever download!

me and ali are getting along well and i cant wait to see her again its good that were close mates and its true i do still love her and im happy with the way things turned out so all in all life is on a high! and all the lows ive had are really helping me to appreciate this high! think i may go to the beach later and enjoy some time off work! 

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