diary of a lost soul

Feb 22, 2008 at 16:39 o\clock

everything is gay today

by: stebbo

so i go to buy food, forget my 3 pounds which is my net worth right now, driving home after buying the milk for my angel delight i get cut upby a twat and almost smash up my car, get home and the internet is down so i cant do anything but then the guy from it services turns up and asks me for help with the switch...blithering idiot. anyway just a rant today that today wont be good till i see lotty in a few hours!

Feb 10, 2008 at 11:34 o\clock

i did a silly thing!

by: stebbo

just re-read all of my blog...all of it, its a fuckign sunday morning 10:30 and ive read 3-4 years of my lifes worth of miseries, i love spending time thinking back but this means i never look forward, need to have a kick up the ass to be honest! uni is ok b ut andy told lottie c-s that everyone is getting pissed off at her because she is being such a stubborn btich and ruining things for everyone, many bitchy stories i could tell but thats not really the point of this entry, andy confronted her when i had no plans of doing so. I feel like ive been lying to myself about my face upt o everything between matres policy and maybe im not so straight forward with my friends, so this is my pledge to tell mates what i feel no matter how critical it may be if i feel it. i know it wont happen but i want to try!