diary of a lost soul

Jan 30, 2007 at 02:31 o\clock

nelly the elephant??

by: stebbo

Emacs the Elephant

Emacs the Elephant hacked her source
and said goodbye to the DrOsS box
Off she went with a binary dump
Dump, Dump, Dump
Emacs the Elephant hacked her source
and headed back to her UNIX
Room enough for a binary dump
Dump, Dump, Dump
The head of G-NU was Stallman
far, far away
By night they met on the Internet
with no need for overlays
Emacs the Elephant hacked her source
and said goodbye to the DrOsS world
Off she went for a binary dump

Jan 30, 2007 at 00:32 o\clock

while i was at work i lost a good friend today

by: stebbo

ouch, lottie has now denounced our friendship because she cant handle the chemistry between us yet we both have very perfect relationships, its fair to say there is chemistry and im not ashamed to admitt it lol but i love ali too much to ever leave her. but god does she have to cut off our friendship? ive been deleted from her myspace, probably from her phone and anywhere else too. makes me feel really down to think that ive lost a good friend, really didnt htink it would get this far but it has and boy does that suck, i know its beck's doing not lotties which just makes it worse because lottie would never not want to know me, thats impossible, once again ive lost someone close to me because their best friend dissapproves. can life ever get much harsher?

Jan 29, 2007 at 12:16 o\clock

problems keep piling on up lol

by: stebbo

ali phoned me again crying last night and boy did i not know what to do one again, its getting to me really badly now, she obviously has an issue with me because she said she couldnt see me today because she will just cry on me, and being a girl when i asked her about it all i got was no nothings wrong, now all us guys have learned im sure that when a girl says theirs nothing wrong? were not gonna get anything more out of them until they want to tell us so i gave up made sure i was coming over today and i will give her some extra special tlc. i dunno what else to do im at a total whits end, i think my obsession with getting 2 computers built isnt helping but but oh god the opposite sex sure as hell confuses me a lot! extra problem with sarahs computer im building is that once everything is plugged in i decided to give it a basic test... no power comes on so grrrrrrr i think ive fucked up big time, so im gonna have to take it into mantis and have them tell me somethignm it hink i already know, ive fucked the motherboard, probably static damage but hey i will take it in see if they can fix it.and boy does things liek this make me angry. but i guess its part of the learning curve. well anyway im off to blandford now to sort out everything i have to do, which is more problems opening an account with lloyds so i am instead going to get one with natwest or something im just pissed of with lloys no end, because when i applied i didnt give our house name, but the rest of my address is the same, they say its a diffeent address, and i understand where their coming from and as far as a computer is concerned thats fine they are different so it denies it but surely there should be a human aspect to their service because the rest of the address is the same so grrr oh im gonna fucking give up and open an account with nat west, im sure its much easier and more efficient.

Jan 24, 2007 at 21:36 o\clock

life sucks once again

by: stebbo

lol was thinking for a while how amazing life is and how cool it is, then the fucking pigs pull me for not indicating round a roundabout and having a busted tail light and end up breathalising me!!? ha ha bastards suck coz i was sober behind the wheel that time!! losers! so yeh i got to keep the hwite bit i blew into which is cool it reminds me not to drink and drive...its not cool kids im never gonna do it again now!building myself a new computer which is being gay and fucking twatish! even with a haynes guide its a cunt theres a bit on it the haynes guide says we just ripped out coz it was too hard but i was determined to m,ake it work, till i riped out all my hair and cried myself to sleep and slit my wristds with a plastic knife...ok not that bad but fuck it its coming out, i'll replace it with a disk drive (yeh legacy free is going out the window) oh well it will work and be a better computer but maybe one day i will make my godlike pc!

Jan 14, 2007 at 23:32 o\clock

car crash

by: stebbo

wow that shook me up, going round the roundabout to have a cunt go into my tail, hurt my pride more than anything else thank god, but it hit me how badly i was looking after ali driving recklessly like that, shook me up for 2 or 3 days afterwards, it happened on friday at 10:15 lol i think im ok now, bruised ego and dented car but its been bodged up and fixed sort of lol, well fixed up enough to be legal on the road lol! but yeh of course the otehr guy was in a landrover so no damage to his car at all the fucking cuntbag.anyway aside from that its emily dsilva'sa birthday on thursday and i popped over to hers last night, she had an all day family and friends party thing but of course i was working till 9 so imissed seeing almost all of our mutual friends, sods law but was good none the less, got to see ali and we had a final chat before she goes to see the doc to go on the pill, both of us are too reckless with the no condom on no sex rule and im scared and so is she, we know were lazy and enjoy it more with no condom so its got to be done...tmi? sorry! well yeh what a fuckup i can be! but now im over most of the shock and the car is fixed im back to my normal self...granted with a lot less money and i now have 2 weeks to live off 20 quid but i think ive been worse with money problems before so im not doing too bad! anyway peace out im fine ali's fine and my car is surviving as usual!!!! all is back to normal for now!

Jan 12, 2007 at 17:39 o\clock

I dunno what to say

by: stebbo

well last night was amazing me and sam went out and met these 2 girls called jacqui and kate, so we were hangin out together most of the night when we werent hanging to try to keep rthe appearance of nbeing coupley to aminimum lol my typing shits and my comp is fucking round with me so will upudate properly later tonight lol

Jan 9, 2007 at 13:20 o\clock

geek culture

by: stebbo

so i was on geekculture.com and i foudn this poem its so true it makes me giggle


My Macintosh is not a mere machine,
it has been with me for years eighteen.
My Macintosh has grown up I know,
it is sleek any sexy and it sure does go.
My Macintosh started out, in 1984
as a cute little beige box with no access door.
Now my mac is a TiBook, fast and refined,
with its new degree from OS X U. its running almost all the time.
It has learned to run Unix, matured to not crash,
I've grown too, I've gotten a new sash.
My Macintosh sits on my lap,
like a faithful puppy dog.
running applications quickly,
unlike my old PC log.
I'll keep nurturing my Mac,
for many many more days.
Cuz unlike the souless PC,
my Mac's soul is here to stay.



hows life? you ask? well a bit shit tbh i worked flat out yesterday at work i was in the bakery, stacking shelves, working the tills etc etc etc was a manic day but anyway what got me about that shift is these pikey people whoc ame to my till, they were 2 drunk mums and 3 kids, i think equally as drunk the kids were full on fighting and the parents were just  giggling and smacking them in the face to stop them. did the tesco management do anything to stop the abuse?? course not the pikeys hadnt paid for their shopping yet. bloody pikeys...bloody tesco right well thats my rant for the day enjoy the poem! 

Jan 8, 2007 at 04:56 o\clock

Why Macs Suck

by: stebbo

Top 10 Reasons Why Macs Suck

10. You can't use 5-1/4" floppy disks.

9. You can't go shopping with your friends for a Sound Blaster board because Macs don't need one.

8. Your 200 MHz 604e Mac does integer calculation equivalent to a 362 MHz Pentium Pro, but you can only brag about 200MHz.

7. Networking a Mac is not an impressive feat.

6. Macs don't come in black, and we all know black cabinets make computers faster and louder.

5. You have to add a system extension to make Mac menus stay down like Windows. We like pokey menus because it's too hard to hold that heavy mouse button down while we read.

4. And the Mac mouse is too slow. We want our cursor to fly wildly off the screen when we twitch our wrist because hyper cursors make our PCs look faster.

3. You just plug Macs in and they work. Where's the challenge in that?

2. When you add stuff, you just plug them in and they work, too. Again, no challenge.

1. Your clients and teachers know about # 2 and 3, so they expect Mac users to deliver results, not excuses!

Jan 6, 2007 at 20:27 o\clock


by: stebbo

pulled a sickey today at work for the first time in 2 years! got a splitting headache and feeling sick so screaming babies will be screamed at then puked on! so its a good hting! what have i done in my day off? jack shit really but god was it good to not work all day! new years and christmas was good, money is low but what else is new? not quite living of credit card yet though so nothing is critical. lifes good this is just a random update to say im alive and things are going well, still with ali and its working well :) any new years resoloutions?? well its not exactly new year but on the 5th of feb i am finally quitting smoking for real, not by being forced to by a gf or any other person, because i think the time i right. so good luck me

Jan 2, 2007 at 11:56 o\clock

after xmas now

by: stebbo

wow xmas was short and sweet this year, same with new years eve! so  after a lot of deilberation and thought i have decided to give up trying to stay ontop of my life, ivve given up caring about my job because its a shitty no hope job which, sure its just a stop gap between bryanston school and university but to be honest jobs like that are, as the americans say, a dime a dozen, so fuck it im being nice to sally, which is a miracle in itself and just generally doing my job with the minimum effort, its gonna be a pain when the bryanston kids come back, coz either they look right at me, and walk past my till with a snooty ha ha you work in tesco look or are nice and pop over say hi ask what my gap year plans are etc and oh yeh pc's arent so bad but i still prefer macs, since now i have 2 running pc's (at last) in my room blah just ahd to run and shower and now being draggedx out of bed by lkay for a day out in weymouth lol