diary of a lost soul

Nov 25, 2006 at 12:47 o\clock


by: stebbo

ok so i did write an entry but i accidently quit safari so here is it in brief, i talked to katie for the first time in ages and i really wish i could see her and everyone from bournmouth again and be like it was in the summer of 05 but things like that will never happen twicewith the same bunch of people, it was something special and amazing. now its crap lets face it. also uce have accepted my entry to their university.,..thing is i dont wanna go to uce i wanna go to uwe or portsmouth so i am praying i get an unconditional offer from either of them. blah apart from that life is just same old same old, work and college, which is almost over. ali has been kind enough to donate to me 2 computers i can wipe and network and play around with. right thats it im lazy but there is an update on my life. blah lifes a bitch but it was so good t see ali in tesco yesterday at work just saw her waling with her friend, and my friend too!, emily d'silva and just made me rin like one of those damn cheshire cats..and you know me, i dont realyl smile much lol so was such a nice change lol

Nov 20, 2006 at 15:12 o\clock

why tesco sucks

by: stebbo

so tesco..supermarkets in general had the pleasure of working there? i have! and i have logical reasons <br>1<br>conversations with the old/middle aged women. yeh i get it ok? you needed drugs dring your 2nd pregnancy and it made it a lot easier and yes im sure pampers do give yo an amazing nappy rash so no i wont use them next time i shit myself! and no i dont give 2 fucks about how you raised your kids or hearnig once again about how drugs are the way through a pregnancy..oh yeh and i dont give 2 shits about how much weight you put on and how long it took you to lose it after..YOUR FUCKIGN PREGNANCY! and no not all my friends are psychos and no its not cool to try and befriend me because im "young and hip" people like you using words like hip deserve not to be even in my workpace let alone hanging with my generation!<br>2 <br>the idiots who come to my till, oh yes all of you, sure i have to sk you to pack your bags but no i dont give two fucks about cooked meats beign kept separate from deli chicken...or the weather...or your chidren...or why you flowersw are "only for myself" yeh there are three types of people who buy flowers, one is those who are buying them only for themselves, the other is those buying them for themselves (more arrogant becaus their not  ony for themselves so it doesnt matter their for themselves and their proud of it, and those who buy them for presents trying in a lame attempt to score a chick who likes being romanced before she becomes your sex slave! ok the lsit continues i dont care about the weather, how busy it is in here, the reason why you buy so much angel delight (yes you!) or how your so fucking amazing...not cool.I just want you to go through the till, quietly, quickly and then leave...quietly. (please dont say you liek my hair i know i look like a shaggy dog leave me alone!)<br>3<br>reeating yourself... you always say hey dude to a guy and heya to a lady. you always offer to pac their bags with the same phrase "are you alright to pack your own backs?" so that if they say no they feel lie your mocking them so they make sure they say yes...mostly. and then almsot ever other customer will joke and go no im fine to pack but maybe you could help me pay or some lame ass ismilar joke, its not original, its nto funny, it reminds mehow monotonous and shit my job is...STOP IT! if i could afford even to pay for oyur fucking shopping bill of 200quid wouldl i work in tesco? no! so fuck off! have you reused any bags? (when they obviosuly havnt, oh yes and that woman who always makes a complaint about her when i accidently on purpose forget her green points just because she always gets angry and goes off in a huff and i bluntly ignore her making her angryer!) do you have a clubcard..god who gives 2 fucks if you want your extra 2 points to save you 2p...fucking pikeys. would you like any cashbackl? take it in 20's not tens you fucking dipshits.<br?5<br>pretending to be nice, yes you piss me off, yes your joeks are so old and lame and everyone does the same jokes, their associated with gong shopping jokes to keep the cashier happy which makes us want to stab you! its a huge effort to keep smiling because their is no choice. and no i dont fucking know where the turkey basting equipment is so why the fuck complain to my manager because you ask me about a department im not associated with and i dont know your answer??! fuck off! which leads swiftly onto point 6<br>6<br>my evil manager sally, she wont give me time off for family events, emergency time off required and she is a man. everyone hates her, she either likes oyu or hates you, people who she likes hate her for being so black and white, people who she hates truly despise her for everything she does just to be a petty and spiteful.<br>Things I like about Tesco<br>saturday shifts are made fun with the cool peoplle working there and reasonoably lacking in managers forcing us to work flat out when noone is around shopping anyway