diary of a lost soul

Jul 30, 2006 at 18:02 o\clock

a return to blogging from me

by: stebbo

Mood: excited for the future, missing the past
Listening to: nothing really

ok so now all my exams are finished have so much free time! anyway you would have thought i would be, like the rest of my fellow bryanston leavers are, nervous about my a level results? FUCK NO! i have got into college for next year and if i decide to even go to uni and get into a huge amount of debt then i will but i doubt i will and i am excited, a year or college with all my mates and peeps who like me instead of peeps who either ignore me or openly mock me!
on another amazingly joyous note i went to see getamped play at the joiners and it was such a good gig! all the support bands rocked even though it was only me and my mate lay moshing to the support bands, sometimes emo pauk joined us but it was mainly us two! then getamped came on and it was an amazing set they played! met a few cool people who i have added to my myspace and yeh its so cool chatted with the band and they named me wolds number one getampon which is funky!
well now been going out with ali for 5 months and still going well sex life is, well aweird really, she gets driven into a sex frenxy and still cant take my cock, not being arrogant coz i dont think im that big or anything so maybe she is especially tight but yeh done it so many tiems with her but never had a chance to finish it! grrrness but i still love her to bits and if anything it just makes me fucking crazy horny so when we finally have sex my head may explode lol!
changing gears a minute still cant afford a car and now i bashed up hannah's car, only minor damage but a couple of hundred quid, my car fund has taken a severe blow which is a total pain in the ass so apart from busses and the occasonal lift which is very ahrd to get i am stranded in blandford which tbh i dont have that many complaints about since people from blandford are so cool anyway! well i now got a tatoo i always wanted, a stickman with a lawnmower mowing my pubes! so cool! anyway next gotta get a few piercings and a couple more tatoos and i am all set
one of the big questions i get asked is do i miss bryanston? well the answer is, rather oddly yes, it was such a comfortable place to be in and now im in the scary real world full time its a pain in the asss, no free nice food, no sky tv, and no real purpose in life has made me miss the comforts associated with bryanston
well i dont have many problems in life apart from smashing up hannahs car im gonna miss tom minton who is now joining the marines but all the best of luck to him. wander if the summer is gonna be aas wild as last year, allready been pretty good with many excellent parties and many run ins wiith the police but none major and none leading to anything added t the record which is good for me! anyway i am off to limewire some music so its good to be back, wander if anyone still even reads this hmm maybe not! lol