diary of a lost soul

Jun 26, 2005 at 21:39 o\clock

weekend update....

by: stebbo

Mood: tired but on a high even though f and h are bothering my mind
Listening to: bed of razors - children of bodom

well saturday was kinda cool, got new tyres for my beauty (bike) and christened them on the track (lettin them in easy) well sunday was pure beauty day went to bournemouth and chilled first it was only me, dan, mel and luke which sucked but then everyone came down a few hours late and fun began!!!! got through plenty of the high percentage liqours! and went round bmth filming stuff...got kicked out of beales for filming in there as apparantly u need a license to do that! well then everyone was just randomly having arguaments in pubic and the getting caught up in pretend moments of passion to piss off people and we filmed hteir reactions which was weird when old ladies came up and congratulated us!!! in a stroke of luck cornflake was inn bmth too which was cool! well many jd bottles later ended up going off to watch come of steph steadmans mates run over a man dressed up as a bear in one of those bear suites with their car and they were filming it in bournemouth i invited hayley and francesca but surprise surprise they didnt come darn b!tches geez hayley actually had the nerve to say i only ever was friends with her so i could meet up with francesca so in her opinion i have gone..in the time i have known her as being totally obsessed with her (bnot true) to never wanting to be her friend (not true again) women are so damn fecking touchy wht can u do these days? meh well i guess they have begun the edging away from me friendship wise so im not gonna bother inviting them to anything anymore its way too much fecking effort oh well hopefully they will try to salvage it because its not like i dont value them but i have had it with not only pussyfoting it round them but always being the one to arrange meeting them, not once have they invited me to anything and always complain when i havnt seen then for ages so screw it, the ball is finally being hit into their court and imjust gonna cruise along and its up to them to save the friewndship ive had it..... only other thing i have to really say is maybe today wouldnt have been so good if h and f was there coz it owuld have been so forced to be nice on my behalf and i would have to pusyfoiot aroudn them, no matter how much i like, even love them b oth in a friendship sotta way i am always pussyfooting around them they say they like the old me, but after they saw me not bothering to pussyfoot around them they dont like me so i guess its for the best! anyway im gonna go slee[p now since i am knackered after today!

Jun 26, 2005 at 20:20 o\clock

well im back!

by: stebbo

yeah so life is cool right now i think well me and abi seem to be doing ok and stuff which is cool! but i think that things are about to get edgy with everyone just one of these feelings....like life is good but somthing is gonna topple soon and i hope not xoz life is near perfection right now, im up to date with work at school, i have things sorted out with most of my mates and well yeah just smiley days! anyway just want to update the blog on the situatrion...not much enw news except the fact that liufe is good and im just worrying for other people more than anything right now so cool anotgher update soon!

Jun 14, 2005 at 10:03 o\clock

an amazing weekend!

by: stebbo

Mood: excited
Listening to: violent p0rnography - system

well i sorted everything out on saturday that was going wrong so thats all been dealt with which is cool! then on suinday i went to dorchester to see abi, we pratted around there for a bit then took the train to weymouth and it was such a fun day it really ironed out all the kinks and set things straight which was really cool. anyway last night was so funny becase i added abi to my msn convo with hayley and really turned weird and freaky on her....we were just pissing about but she took it so seriously and now she wont talk to me.... i texted her last night being a bit mean but i spoke my mind so i dont regret it, but then i rang hr this morning and when i asked how how she was her words were "im fine thanks and im not talking to you bye" nd then cut me off yeah ok it pisses me off royally but should it bother me? i dunno i mean hayley has always laughed and said your weird but we did kinda take it to another level which was obviously not received that well! hmm well hopefully it will be sorted out. im getting a tatoo today!! cant wait my rents are gonna kill me...but what can they do about it! its gonna be old english script saying live now pay later and its gonna be so cool! george is also coming today which is gonna be cool coz i havnt seen him in a while! hmm well i dont really have that much to say really so im gonna just leave with a thought..... if the human skin dies and is replaced totally on average every four years why do tatoo's never dissapear? hmm well more on that musing later i guess!

Jun 9, 2005 at 10:44 o\clock

almost finished exams!

by: stebbo

Mood: tired
Listening to: viollent p0rnography - system of a down

wow has i been a crap week! lol well i got off on tuesday coz i collapsed and blacked out which i havnt done for a while so oh dear! lol well then last night i went to the openng of my sisters section in a gallery which was boring as hell but meep oh well we're getting a free widescreen tv with surround sound at last! llol y rich auntie and uncle are moving house and dont need it so they are gonna give it to us woot! well hopefully it will fit in our living room! if it doesnt grrrr not gonna be impressed. well everyone is now b!tching about how i cant come out this weekend and grrr its not my fault its my darn parents dont blame me! well chatted with abi last night and we're doing ok now i think but only time will tell. well i snapped at francesca last night and it was compeltely my fault i just let what she was saying get to me when she is obviously just being her usual self geez i cant believe i called her a b!ch! i thought this day would never come but it has so oops im really sorry bout that well i havnt seen alyse and the rest of the sunday gang for ages i been stuck in so havnt seen anyone for about a week and theres at least anther week of being stuck indoors on my own and its dsoing my nut in grrrr well i might go charity shop hunting this weekend at least it will give me somthing to do! well i get saturday off yay! exams finish friday and im going home as soon as it finishes so will be cool! good luck to everyone int heir exams GCSE or as level or even the few guys doing A levels! well hope u all do well! meep cant wait till im free from all this sh!t and can once again spend all day biking to bournewmouth chilling at the beach and then coming home late in the evening with the sun still shining....well at least the offy is gonna get a lot of business from all of us! lol probably gonna see nick loads and brooksie too better be here for most of the holiday meep well will have time to see EVERYBODY loads which will help me catch up socially! especially with the Th gang and the sunday gang, havnt seen most of them in bloody ages! lol its weird coz i still think of nicki as a TH girl well hopefully things are going well for everybody and last tme i saw the sunday gang i got mel drunk again lol she's getting better before brooksie got her off her face no a can of stella lol that was so funny we all just told nick to look after her! meep well i will hopefully going to mr smiths loads and cath up with all the smiths lot loads! wow theres loads of gangs o catch up on! lol there the TH gang, the sunday gang and the smiths gang! lol well their all legends and meep i dont think most of the gangs would get on except maybe sunday gang and smiths gang but i think that many people would find chloe a total cow and lol well trhat could have funny results so might be worth trying! lol i stilol cant stop listening to systems new album it is bloody amazing! well im off now gonna go sleep before my ict exam (fingers crossed!) EVERYONE PLEASE BUY MEZMERISE THE NEW SYSTEM OF A DOWN ALBUM!!!!! fecking rocks!

Jun 6, 2005 at 10:25 o\clock

im so tired and worrying about stuff and exams....but mostly stuff

by: stebbo

Mood: worred and tired
Listening to: B.Y.O.B - system of a down

hmm well weeken sucked was indoors allw eekend revising but meep exams tuesday through to friday...9 exams....4 days wow does it suck! well after that the next weekend parents have decided to keep me indoors for reasons beyond my controll and after that with any luck i will be free to paty once again!

Jun 2, 2005 at 12:20 o\clock

half term....

by: stebbo

Mood: on a low to be back after an amazing half term
Listening to: computers whirr

ahh half term half term where to begin! chronological sounds like a good idea! well saturday night was a party down at the beach i turned up in time to see the aftermath of a chav fight and one of our guys face was just a waterfall of blood so oh dear! then we went on to move around places just drinking flrting and t he usual untill a few of the guys chucked bottles at chavs who put our mate inhospial...fair enpough i think but then they had to go and report us to the police and the next thing i know after going off and pissing about with a few girls int he girls toilet is everyone runs away when liberty screams PIGS! well me, darryl and that camp guy stayed along with luke and this other guy, not only did the police believe mine and darylls story that it was the chavs, but i e ven got him to fix my bike for me since some asshole released the quick release mechanism and the back wheel had come out of the frame! well we walked off and that night the rest was spent getting in there with everyone before leaving to go home, the next day was spent down at kimmeridge with mum which dad stayed at home which was ok but not great then on monday i revised at home and tried to get some sleep then tuesday i went to dorchester and met up with sophie and abi, abi was in a stress with me and well it didnt go very well so i just left and went off to another party i arranged tuesday evening it was totally wild and it ended up with everyone on the beach and we broke into two of the beach huts down there and pratted about, then when we were leaving someone got the bright idea into their head of tipping over a beach hut.....boy that was funny...SMASH went a lot of glass! then we damn well ran like feck and i went home at that point worried what else was gonna happen that night! well then next day i went to kent to see my nan which was ok i guess we went to se my grandfathers grave for the first time ever which was rather moving, i felt so proud when i saw the name and it was good to see it and i dont think it is somthing i will ever forget, shame i couldnt have met up with the sunday gang but meep, this sunday im going off for a drink w ith charlie so hopefully will be ok, saturday i think were all going for drinks down at my local which will be quite nice! oh well back to good ahem hard ahem revision ahem! lol and another i now hate the school so much for one samll insignificant rea`son, they banned inselkampf!! omfg what the hell am i supposed to do now!! check it out www.inselkampf.co.uk its really cool and if u join join the reaper allance's feeder a;lliance saying you are a friend of stebbo! but only if you are going to be a regular player and do not cheat etc