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Feb 7, 2006 at 05:28 o\clock

it's me again!

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I know these entries are few and far between right now- but it's been super super busy for me lately!  Work has been engulfing all my time- as usual for this time of year, and any that I have left- I spend it with the love of my life :)

This past weekend we went to Dallas, TX to see his sister and brother in law and their new baby girl.  She was very cute (like most babies), and super tiny- she came a month early, but healthy as a bug!  I still don't do the whole 'baby' thing though- I won't hold them or anything, I'm afraid i'll break them! lol *  but seriously, I might want one someday...not yet- cuz I want to make sure I'm totally financially ready, and me and Jason need to work out some of our kinks still.  Things are getting much better.  We fight alot less (was rough at first!) and are trying to pay off our cars so we can afford a bigger house within the next year...we have our short term and long term goals pretty much in place- which is exciting!

I tried to do some shopping, but there's sooo much stuff in the big city, it's hard to find exactly what you're looking for sometimes.  I ended up just getting a paid of flip flops and a paid of trendy sunglasses and some earrings...I was looking for shirts for work though...see, not even close!

Jason and I are thinking about treating ourselves to a big screen TV for a reward to my hard work over the past couple months at work.  I think that will be great for our "once a month sit down and watch movies all weekend" weekends. *giggles*  Plus, I've wanted one for a long time!

I think that's all the updates for now... hope I can blog again soon!


Jan 18, 2006 at 04:13 o\clock


I just thought I would write in here and say "HI" to everyone!  :)  I've been soooo busy since getting married and, work has been crazy!  Finally having some good months so I can make some money!! Woohoo!  Anyways- just wanted to let everyone know that things are going well...Jason and I get along great, we have a lot of fun together.  Sure, we have the typical frustrations every now and then, but then we just brush them away and remember how much we love each other (eww- this sounds sooo sappy!)  *giggles*

Anyways- I turned my guestbook off because some stupid heads were spamming it, phentermine and blackjack ads...jack asses!  Get a life!  But I'm sure that those of you that are important can still leave comments :)  I hope everyone is doing well- *hugs for everyone*

Nov 29, 2005 at 03:02 o\clock

an argumentive weekend!

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Ok- so here are some of the things that were running through my head after an argument that Jason and I had Saturday night...

I don't understand why we argue so much, I don't unerstand why we fight when going to bed at night...every day I can't wait to come home, so that I can cuddle with you in bed and just feel you next to me. You can be so indecisive at times, it drives me crazy-other times, you get mad if I ask you to compromise. I don't know how to react when you are having a bad day, I feel like it's my fault and i don't know how to make it better. When I'm away from you, all I want is to give you a hug, but when I see you- I feel like you don't want to touch me sometimes. I just want the answers, so I can make it better.

Kind of poetic in a sad way- so I thought I'd post it.   We argued about everything!  Sat night- it was because i was on the phone trying to help a gal pal out, instead of paying attention to him.  Sunday, we fought because I didn't want to practice bass guitar with (which i'm trying to learn) for as long as he did, cuz he was going too fast.  see-- stupid shit!

So today, I decided to talk to him and find out what the ultimate underlying issue was... turns out- it's about what we will do when my parents sell the house we're in.  No biggy- we don't have to buy one...we can just rent...but it's not going to happen for at least a few months- so, there's no need in worrying about it now- plus, if my parent's do sell the house- they will have the money to help us out! 

Anyways- i think we got it all sorted out for now...he's just been stressin, and i've been stressin about work- so it's all just crazy right now- but it will be better by the middle of the month i'm sure!

Nov 26, 2005 at 19:20 o\clock

over thanksgiving...

Well, Thanksgiving was eventful, yet, uneventful all at the same time.  My new inlaws came to visit...Wednesday evening was good, even though I ended up staying at work till 4:30 (an hour and a half longer than expected), and when Jason's sister and brother in law got to our house, we all went to the new Applebees and had dinner (which of course was like an hour and a half ordeal cuz it's new and it was thanksgiving eve.  It was good though!

thursday wasn't quite as good...Jason pissed me off by not 'helping out' first thing in the morning, so that set me in a bitter mood all morning.  Then lunch was yummy (we all went to my mom and dad's house) and then after lunch we watched War of the that movie- but it was so much scarier on the big theater screen.  Or maybe it was just that I had seen it once already.  Then we all went back to my house, and Jana took a nap, and Jason and Cris started playing stupid star wars video games...pissed me off- so I went and hung out with my friend Gayla for a bit until they called to tell me they were done.  ha!  Then we all went to the park and walked around and looked at the christmas lights.  Freakin long ass walk down to the park...and it was cold- so that put me in an even worse mood.

Then we all went back to my mom's house and had hot cocoa. 

I had to work yesterday so I missed the trip to see the grandparents that live in nearby towns...oh darn.  But Jason said that Cris and Jana have made me out to look like the 'perfect wife' so now I have a lot to live up to.  hahaha!  Piece of cake- kids and grandparents LOVE me! :)

Speaking of kids-- we met Jason's ex and two kids in Tulsa last weekend-- wow, she was 'special'-  i don't even know how he ended up with her....I think he pittied her.  Anyways- the kids were cute...I'm gonna try to work a deal out where we can visit them more often, and even see if they can come for christmas. 

I went home for a break this morning, Jason seemed way down in the dumps for some reason..I tried asking him what was wrong, but he kept insisting everything was fine.  I think maybe he was bored and didn't know what to do by himself today on his day off. 

Well, people on the lot- gotta go....

Nov 17, 2005 at 05:44 o\clock

Down at the Pawn Shop!....

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Oh my Gosh, you guys are gonna love this!!!  I have such a big mouth!  But, I know what I'm talking about!!  This is the story about my trip to the pawn shop the other day with Jason...we went there to talk to his ex landlord (owner of the shop) about getting his deposit back that he promised to Jason by last Wednesday.... (I copied the conversation I had earlier today with my good friend Shelly...most of you know her- She's such an encouragement...good one, I think! LOL!!  Love you girl!)

irridescentshadows: his ex landlord told jason he'd get his deposit back by last wednesday... $200
Shelly: mm hmm ...
irridescentshadows: well, when jason went on friday- the guy had no real answers for jason
irridescentshadows: so he went in monday- and the landlord showed him a piece of paper that said jason had to give 30 days notice...
irridescentshadows: well, WE went BACK in yesterday to see the original copy of what jason signed...
irridescentshadows: heheheee....
Shelly: Uh huh...
irridescentshadows: and the wording says this...
Shelly: I love it.
irridescentshadows: If there is no written thirty day notice given to terminate, tendency CAN be renewed for another term or for a month to month term.
irridescentshadows: Failure to fulfill the entire term of this lease and/or failure to give a written thirty day notice shall be cause to forfeit any deposit or rent refunds.
irridescentshadows: SOOOO.... I said.... "eh's John right?"
Shelly: mm hmm ...
irridescentshadows: to the landlord guy...
irridescentshadows: many properties do u own?
irridescentshadows: He said, "8"
Shelly:  keep goin..
irridescentshadows: I said ok... well, according to this paper- you should give Jason his deposit back...not to mentioned you already told him that you would."
irridescentshadows: He said, "no, it says he needs to give a 30 day notice...." 
Shelly: good for you
irridescentshadows: I interupteded...."it says at the end of his lease he CAN extend it...
irridescentshadows: so what you mean is that this should say, WILL extend if no thirty day notice...
irridescentshadows: he stopped...looked up and said, "so sue me"
irridescentshadows: ROFL
Shelly: So are you goin to?!
irridescentshadows: So I said, well that's why I asked how many properties you I need to contact the better business bureau, or my attorny
irridescentshadows: LOL
irridescentshadows: he goes..."well you need to get the hell out of here"
irridescentshadows: lol
Shelly: Good for you!!
Shelly: What did Jason say?
irridescentshadows: I said, "oh we will- and niether, myself, Jason, or anyone else i come in contact with will do business here, i guarantee you that!"
irridescentshadows: lol
irridescentshadows: jason was sorta quiet in the car, i think he was shocked
Shelly: lol
irridescentshadows: it was hilarious
irridescentshadows: jason told his mom i got kicked out of the pawn shop lol
irridescentshadows: i was like- OMG, i did huh?!
Shelly: Good  for you!
irridescentshadows: was fun
irridescentshadows: i sounded important
irridescentshadows: lol
Shelly: *clapping* 
irridescentshadows: *taking a bow*
irridescentshadows: yeh- unfortunately, it would probably cost like $75 bucks to take it to small claims court-- plus all the time involved...
irridescentshadows: it's just the whole principle of the matter...
irridescentshadows: maybe it will scare him enough that he'll send it  ***blah blah blah....then this****  irridescentshadows: it also says right before all that... "this agreement and the tenancy hereby granted may be terminated at the end of the above mentioned term.
irridescentshadows: says nothing about with or without thirty day notice...only if he wants to leave before then- he has to give the thirty day notice...but if a lease is for 6 months- there ya go--- it's over in 6 unless otherwise agreed upon!
irridescentshadows: DUH!
Shelly: lol
irridescentshadows: people are so stupid-- and this is a guy who supposedly runs two businesse???
irridescentshadows: AND, I've tried to sell him a car before-- his store credit and his personal credit are shit- and i couldn't even sell him anything
Shelly: lol!
irridescentshadows: anyways-- that was the highlight of my week so far... i think jason likes that i'm so...verbose
irridescentshadows: lol
Shelly: LOL!
irridescentshadows: i got his social security card a new order of chicken nuggets...and got kicked out of a pawn shop... so far- so good!
irridescentshadows: lol
Shelly: Well, Im proud!
Shelly: It feels good to be bitchy sometimes, dont it?

HAHAHAA!!!  Love it! :)