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This site belongs to south Azerbaijan, that is a vast region in the north west of Iran.


South Azerbaijan is a part of Azerbaijan (as a great region) placed inside Iran. People of south Azerbaijan constitute a big minority in Iran. Azerbaijanis are Turkish. They have common history with other Iranians like Persians. Actually, Iran is a multinational country. Other nations in Iran are Kurds, Arabs, Turkmans, Baluchs,? . All these nations had been got along well from ancient age until about 80 years ago when Reza Khan, a dictator king, started to change Iran to a unit nation country. He got power in Iran with the help of Britains by a coup d?etat. He changed all laws and legislate new rules which defined Persian culture and language as the only formal one. This policy has been continued by the government so far. Whenever other nations of the country asked for their own right to develop their culture or learn their mother tongue, the government has suppressed them. They accused them as commonest. Pan-Turkist, Pan-Arabist to reduce the pressure of the west. They have disregarded even the most primary human right by this accusation and because there has been negative attitude about communism,? the west has tolerated and in some occasions even helped them to suppress the fighters for human rights.
This weblog will try to make a bridge between the minorities of Iran, specially Turks, with the west. I will try to translate and write about the minorities of Iran.