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Oct 8, 2005 at 12:44 o\clock


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Stupid english weather, it rain whenever I want to go out!

Thanks for the comment Ciara_Jordan the problem is that the friend who is getting in the way at the moment doesn't even know she's doing it. Me and Rob decided we should talk more to each other first, but then every time I try to talk to him my friend trys to get his attention, shes got a boyfriend, so I don't know what shes doing! But anyway I'm really glad that thing with alex is over, me and sophie are much better friends now.

Oct 4, 2005 at 19:41 o\clock


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I haven't wrote in here in ages. Well I'll jus summarise:

I don't like Alex anymore, I told sophie she could have him and then he got back with his ex! Oh well.

I like Rob again now.. It seems I always go back to liking him.. He said he likes me too, but he thinks we should talk more. One of my friends keep getting in the way though.

Aug 13, 2005 at 22:27 o\clock

problem solved

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Well problems solved. I was away today and the day before, so Sophie took the opertunity to go into town with Alex, without me.

I was really happy, on the way home today. Then I came online and Lauren told me that Sophie and Sarah went into town with Alex today and apparently he was 'all over her' and Sophie was going to ask him out too. So I invited Lauren over and I texted Alex saying that I wanted to know if he liked me or Sophie more because I'm being stringed along here. But he gave me the answer I didn't want. He said he liked Sophie a little bit more. I guess it's my own fault for asking.

Maybe I should just back away now but I'm so annoyed at Sophie for going behind my back. And after me being really worried that she might be upset, and she just doesn't care if I am. I just hope they don't start going out before I next get to see him and maybe change his mind, I don't give up that easy, even though maybe I should.

I wish I was at my Dads. I have no privacy here so I'm keeping everything bottled up.

Aug 9, 2005 at 14:54 o\clock

Please give me advice

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I really need some advice.

Me, Sophie and Lolly met up with Alex again and me and him were flirting quite a bit, I know he likes me and I like him, but he also likes my friend Sophie and Sophie likes him.  Him and Sophie weren't flirting though so I didn't know, but anyway me and Alex kissed. Sophie was in a bit of a mood but said she was just tired. But then she told Alex though text that it was because she really likes him.

So my problem is, I really like Alex, and I haven't liked someone this much for a long time now, but I don't want to upset Sophie. I know that she would get upset if I went out with him or anything, but if I didn't she probably would go out with him and then I'ld be upset. So what should I do? I like him loads I wish it wasn't a problem. If you have any advice please write a comment.

I have another problem too.

Because I really like Alex I feel sick when I think about him kind of like nerves. And I always wake up realy early like 8am or something feeling sick. This has happend before when I've liked someone, it normally only lasts a morning though when I know that I'm going to see the lad I like, but now it's lasting all day even when I'm not going to see him. And I've completely lost my appitite. I normaly eat loads, but now I'm eating just two small meals a day and no snacks I can never finish my meals. I feel hungry deep down, but I feel sick so I can't eat without feeling like I'm going to thow up. When the doctor was checking me out because I kept fainting a few months ago, she said that my BMI was lower than what it should be, (BMI is basicly your weight compared to your height and it tells you what you should weigh). So if I can't eat much anymore of corse I'm going to be loosing weight too. I don't know what to do, to stop these nerves and get my appitite back. Please post a comment with advice.

Aug 6, 2005 at 23:36 o\clock

Never ending

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My love life is never ending, it seems that as soon as I break up with someone, a new person comes into my life. Me and Rob split up and now I meet this guy called Alex that I never knew before. It's strange, like fate how that happens. Mad.

Aug 4, 2005 at 17:12 o\clock

Holidays! And Rob

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It's the summer holidays yay! But theres only about 4 weeks left, that sucks. this holiday has gone so fast already,  summer hols used to feel so long!

There's hardly anything to do. I've just been going into town with Lolly nearly everyday. But Erica had a party the saturday before last. It was REALLY good. Rob asked me out.... But it's over now he wouldn't see me all week because he was working basicly every day and now hes saying he wants us to talk more as friends first. I'm really not very botherd though because I wasn't attached to him at all.

Oh well, single again... Now who am I going to like?

Jul 17, 2005 at 21:07 o\clock

Terry, and my rabbits

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School tomorrow But its the last week then we have 6 weeks of freedom! Yay!

I met this guy Terry on friday night.. Ooooh he's fit! I just texted him asking what he's doing on friday because Daisy convinced me to but now I'm worried that I look too keen because he hasn't text me back.

My rabbits have gone now. I miss them. My mum gave them to my uncles sister because she said that they're not getting enough exercise and stuff. But it's not my fault we had to move to a house with a small grassless garden and its not my fault I'm not there much so I don't get to look after them properly. I supose its the best for them.

Jun 26, 2005 at 20:43 o\clock

Birthday continued

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So anyway. I'm really not looking forward to school tomorrow. I've built up this whole anxiety thing about science lessons now so I actually start feeling faint.

I confided something very personal about myself to Daisy today. I hope I can trust her with it.

Jun 26, 2005 at 17:45 o\clock

Begining of birthday

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I had no idea all those people read my blog (the people who made a comment in my last entry) I'm flatterd hehe.

Well my birthday went well except quite a few people didn't turn up (although they did have good reasons) and about 5 people left early for some reason or another.

Oops I got to go for tea I'll finish this in my next entry.

Jun 24, 2005 at 13:02 o\clock

Why haven't I mentioned this yet?

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It's my birthday tomorrow! YAY!!