Mar 20, 2005 at 05:24 o\clock

condom kingdom

Mood: Horny

Let's talk a little about advertising for condoms right now.  Now, the normal or average person would think that a condom would guard against pregnancy and STDs.  Well Iook again.  Flavored condoms DO NOT and i repeat DO NOT protect against pregnancy.  I guess thinking about that it makes sense but I think that it should be in bigger print and should be explained.I mean there are some stupid people in this world and we don't want stupid pregnant people now do we ?!? On the bright side of this I now have many flavored condoms - and some scented ones that can be used in bed.  

On to vibrators.  Word to the wise - DO NOT pick the vibrators that need watch sized batteries - it's a lot more expensive and a pain in the ass.  Vibrators now a days are getting pretty complicated.  I mean they have clitoral stimulators built in now!  What happened to the good old days where you turned it on and stuck it in?  Not anymore - now we have RABBITS.  Don't ask. 

Going to a sex store was pretty fun.  You actually get to see people who are into weirder shit than yourself.  Some guy next to me wanted toys that would cause bleeding.  S&M much?  I think I draw the line at bondage, and even that may go a little far.  Call me conventional but the Karma Sutra is enough fun for me. 

So for all you nymphomaniacs who live near the Philly area.  Go to Condom Kingdom - it's a great store and you may learn something about yourslef when you're in there.



Mar 19, 2005 at 06:48 o\clock

Sex & The Suburbs . . .

One college.  Two best friends.  One similar interest:  sex.  Welcome to the world of Kathyrn and Peyton.  We like sex and we're not afraid to admit it.  Here are our stories and thoughts on our experiences.  A quote to open with from our gals on sex and the city: It all seemed so familiar. She was having a deja fuck.