Apr 26, 2005 at 05:08 o\clock

There're no flies on Pandora

Hullo everybody… When all of you mates thought S was gone for good, she’s staging an unexpected yet spectacular comeback…

I have a lot on, so I haven’t got much time to put my thoughts down in this very moment. To make a long story short, I’ve been splashing out on lots of new stuff since I got a pay rise.  I can’t manage to keep my room spick and span for more than two days. The shrink says this reflects other aspects of my life… This might be something of a shock to some, but not to me.  I’ve always been perfectly aware of how nuts I am.  

Three months ago I met a sylphlike girl – Pandora - and I started dating her. Unluckily we split up, partly thanks to a dippy friend of hers (yes… I’m talking about you, bleeding RRRRRRR) who obviously wants to have a roll in the hay with my ex.

I might expand on this sometime.




               happy-go-lucky S

Feb 9, 2005 at 09:22 o\clock

''this afternoon's sunshine could nudge the temperature above freezing"... or not...

Listening to: the final countdown (well... I'm not actually listening to it but I have just downloaded it)

Snappy, catchy, Frida-Kahlo like.

Anyway... My state of mind in a nutshell... Antsy and confused. The big day is coming and all I do is ... well... waste my time. Now that this site is linked to google I can't spill the beans, can I?... I've just searched for my blog and it was so easy to find that it gave me the creeps...

For the time being, I'm recovering my social life and I'm bolstering my self-confidence by slaying crickets at home. Gotta see a doctor in a flash...


      Margeaux (this is my new nom de plume... the day I become a famous actress, everyone shall call me like this )  Or maybe not... But all of you who read this will!

Feb 6, 2005 at 04:42 o\clock

I'm back!

Mood: ill (is that a mood anyway?)
Listening to: someone hollering... (yeah, sure)

 Hi there… Lots of you (especially stebbo ^*^) have missed me dearly and this is why I’m striking a  comeback at this weblog – inasmuch as I know full well how indispensable I am to you all… ^_^

I’ve got tons to update… Anyway… I’m “still” on holidays. I should be cramming up for my entrance exams and doing a **censored** (so that my tutor doesn’t find this page) on drama and teaching (I’m virtually an English teacher by now, as I’ve passed all my exams :p) (Don’t congratulate me on that yet, though… Wait until I hand in my **censored**)

I’m dating someone new! (again…) I dropped the bloke I’d been talking about and I’m now making an attempt at going steady with someone who I’ll call P. P is cute because P looks a lot like me ^_^ :p… No… P doesn’t bear any resemblance to me, but P is still stunning, though rather paranoid at times. P is goth, or so P says. I wish I could upload some pictures of P here. Maybe some day I will. 







Dec 2, 2004 at 05:43 o\clock

Luis Charamelo

Teacher, actor and director... I looked up to him. He's gone. I can't believe he's gone. I talked to him last Wednesday... He seemed to be ok... but he was not. I wish I'd known you better.

Rest In Peace Luis...

Dec 1, 2004 at 18:48 o\clock

Screwed up

Mood: flummoxed

Actress my foot!


I mixed up my lines during yesterday’s performance thanks to a weeny girl who shouted at us while we were on stage. … Then I went as red as a beetroot and I think that all the old farts watching us noticed. The audience was lame. Their clapping was hardly audible. They didn’t rock with laughter during our funny scenes, as former audiences have. I just loathe them and hope they all snuff it soon.




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