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Feb 2, 2007 at 07:41 o\clock

Ode to Butter Chicken

Poesy - Poems Wanted

(Received in a notice from the NZSA): Poesy, a quality focused wholesale company producing gourmet food products, requires poems.  As our name suggests, as well as being about food we are about poetry. We combine the two by placing small cards containing poems inside the packets of food we produce. We have the potential to publish a large amount of poems in this way and are welcoming submissions. *We pay anthology rates. *The poems need to be 10 lines or less."For More information contact Alex, E: alex@poesy.co.nz

 My food love poem

Ode to butter chicken 

It’s not just your smell

But the sight of you

 That makes me go


The yellow wash across your chicken leg

A sly hint of underneath

And when the spoon goes in

The picture distorts but then

Your taste hits my mouth

And I am transported into bliss  @neil Furby

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  1. quoteSia wrote at Apr 10, 2009 at 18:18 o\clock:LOL!
    LOVE IT =)
    I actually googled "Butter Chicken Poem"
    Didn't know I would actually find one.

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