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Baradla Cave System Hungary


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Poetry Cafe November

Hello poetry lovers.
Get along to our last official Poetry Cafe and try to win our grand prize of $100 for best poem. We go out with a bang! Guest for November's Monday 12 meeting at Cruz will be Tim JonesTim will be supported by Shayne 'Hurricane' Wills & Paul 'Boggy' Bognuda.
Tim Jones lives in Wellington. He is the author of one collection of short
fiction Extreme Weather Events, 2001 and two collections of poetry Boat
, 2002 and All Blacks' Kitchen Gardens, 2007;  all published by
HeadworX. His second short story collection, Transported, will be
published by Random House New Zealand in 2008.

All Blacks' Kitchen Gardens includes Tim's poem "The Translator", which
was included in Best New Zealand Poems 2004, and poems which have been
published in the Listener, North & South, New Zealand Books, JAAM, and a
number of other venues, including US and Australian magazines.

The poems in the book range all the way from Southland to Iraq, from a
backyard telescope to Mars, from the Rapture to rugby league. Along the
way, there's love, sex, children, and Motorhead. These poems are full of
surprises. To quote one of them, "Summoning":

You never know.
That is the truth of every incantation.
You never know
what will come to the flame.

When he's not writing, Tim works as an editor and in various web-related
roles. His other interests include cricket, music, long walks around
Wellington's hills, and making New Zealand a more sustainable and peaceful
country. For more on Tim and his writing, see


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the lord is my shepherd
I shall not want any other leader besides him
(even from his own party)
I shall have no other political party besides his
I shall not suffer any domination by the British or
the Americans
and my country shall never be a colony again the lord is my shepherd
even if I walk in the valley of freedom
I am forced to attend his rallies
I shall not say what I want
because the police and the military will descend
on me even if I walk in the shadow of poverty
I shall continually shout his name and sing his
"long live my leader" the lord is my shepherd
I shall not associate with members of the opposition
I shall not walk with demonstrators
for should I be found out
I shall be beaten or tortured I shall have no other TV stations besides his
I shall see what he wants me to see
I shall hear what he wants me to hear
I shall read what he wants me to read the lord is indeed my shepherd
I shall not starve
for I shall certainly be given food handouts
to vote for him
and other people's land for free
squatting but now the lord is not my shepherd
I have suffered many setbacks
my business operations have been closed my bank accounts frozen
my house has been demolished
my land has been confiscated
and unto me a new law hath been given:
"thou shalt praise the lordship in all his follies".

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