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Sep 8, 2005 at 12:12 o\clock

My new blog

From today onwards i'll be blogging at

Sep 2, 2005 at 21:55 o\clock

Wham! @%&!!#?!

80% of the musics have been uploaded...sleepless nights for two weeks, we slogged it out trying to finish the whole album as soon as possible. Then.... when things appeared to be on track, we realised that we have been playing, arranging and finally recorded on the wrong key! Yes, never cross my mind that the original key for all the musics less two of them, was actually too strenuous for the vocals. Wat a freaking waste of time! All the tracks except the percussions have to be re-recorded. Yah, some of u may be saying, wat's so difficult, just transpose them lar....yah....transpose up or down to more than a tone ? If u are talking about a semitone up or down, then yes, just transpose those recorded musics, problem solved. To transpose more than a semitone will mean losing all the feels, the grooves the tightness of the music. So no other choice, have to redo.
I dunno abt the rest, but my morale was hell sure went down and wham! flat on the ground, need a break, i dont tink i can create with this state of mind.
But looking at the positive side, this album will be awesome after the repair....definitely....  its better to realise it now rather than after we have reached the point of no return.  Enuf said...

Yesterday was a tiring day, got this event in office, and yeah the NJCs angklunites were performing as well. Superb!
Oh yah, i got a teacher's day gift from them... how sweet :) , really make my day.. thank you guys n gals.

Okay need to go, blog again later

Aug 26, 2005 at 03:42 o\clock

Studio Hours

Completing 4 albums concurrently, is no joke. The long studio hours for the past two weeks is the ultimate test of endurance physically and mentally. I am not as fit as i thought i wld be, age is catching up real fast, hahah.
Managing time and schedules are so damm freaking near to impossible, I wish there are 8 days in a week...seriously, that extra day i want to get intimate with my beloved bed and pillow. Been sleeping two to three hours every single night, that explains the zombie lookalike, and the sudden urge to bark at the wrong tree...if u think u are that tree...my apologies.
Oh yah, been wanting to get my official website up, but kept postponing it. Meanwhile i just set up my interim site at www.myspace.com/dzulrabulljalil
Ok, need to sleep, yak again later.
YJ, Connie, Ilona and Joyce...thx for tagging seeya gals during prac.

Aug 21, 2005 at 17:00 o\clock

The Disrupted Silence

I almost did a solo ballet on stage, after the 3 attempts to start the angklung failed... (except for the single lone note). So u gals decided to call it The Disrupted Silence eh? LOL . Anw, that was my fault...really.... never come across my mind that Kulintang should start first for that song. I think that was funny....i felt like i'm in a video show or dvd, where the viewer pressed that PAUSE button and everything just paused except me.
YJ...if u never start on that bass, i would have done that ballet....seriously.
But overall...they did great.

Connie  and Ilona : thx for tagging...and Ilona, of course i know you... and... i read ur blog... :)

I shall end here, really super bz. Was on line to do some research, might as well wrote something here while at it.

Aug 15, 2005 at 13:38 o\clock


The past few days were madness....i am totally drained out. I hope i didn't let anyone down, if i did....i am soooo sorry, didn't mean to.
First the practices for a new album for my buddy, Im, yeah finally we'll be uploading all the songs this week, starting tonite! Bro, if u are reading this, get yourself mentally prepared for the long studio hours..haha. This will be the experience that u'll never forget! I remembered during my first studio session for my first album, its a no joke business, its a mean feat, and its exhilirating at the same time.

Recently (on Saturday to be exact) had a gig with the legendary Lovehunters...it was great, its been a long time since i played in a band. To Saha, and the rest of the Hunters, thx for inviting me to be part of that exhilirating moment during the Karnival musik warna/ria at Fort Canning. The crowd was huge, the stage BIG! and the sound was awesome....u guys rocks! For those who have not heard of Lovehunters before, u can check them out at www.lovehunters.net

To the NJC's Angklung ensemble : you are the best students that any instructor can ask for. Stay together, work together and keep up that enthusiasm. The last performance at Marina (yesterday) was superb. The NJC's dancers who perform together that day were equally stunning! Great moves with superb coordination. These are all experiences u wont forget, it will stay with you forever..it will be useful when u enter the working life, u may not feel it now but trust me, i've been there.

Mr Hamzah from KL : Thx for tagging, and i will try my very best for you to get the rest of my albums soon...will get my production house to look into it. We are kind of bz lately, apologise for the delay.

Got to go..ciao! :)