"Wa" Japanease lifestyle

Mar 23, 2007 at 14:12 o\clock

Cherry blossoms

by: Mioto   Category: Japan life

  I went to walk with my daughter today. I found the cherry blossoms are blooming near the station. This is the first time to see a cherry blossom in this year.

 A while ago, I knew the advance line of cherry blossoms is coming to Tokyo by weather forecast on TV.

 From now on, cherry blossoms are blooming in profusion in Japan. 

Mar 20, 2007 at 15:22 o\clock

Spring is comes

by: Mioto   Category: Japan life

  I went to a greengrocer's shop. I bought sweet-onions (shin-tamanegi), spring-potatos (shin-jaga), a spring-cabbage (haru-cabaage), assparagus and bean sprouts for 480 yen (about 3 euro). 

 They are eaten only in spring. So we feel coming of spring to see these vagetables in greengrocer's.

Mar 15, 2007 at 14:19 o\clock

"white day"

by: Mioto   Category: Japan life

Yesterday, it was the "White Day" in Japan.

 The day, one month after Valentine's Day, on March  14, men who received chocolate on Valentine's Day return the favor and give gifts to women.
 (On Valentine's Day, only women give gifts  (especially chocolates) for men in Japan.)

 I got buns with a bean-jam filling called "Man-Jyu" by my husband.

Mar 15, 2007 at 01:05 o\clock


by: Mioto   Category: introduction   Keywords: japan

Hello every one!

I'm living in Japan for 25 years.  I love Japanease culture, nature, and the sounds of language. I want to know more, especially "Japanease grandma's wisdom" which represented with the lifestyle and the traditional event. They are derived from the clear changes of seasons.

"Wa"     It is the most important word of Japanease.

It is "peace".

It is "the sum".

It is "the harmony".

It is "calm".

It is "worm".

It is "loose".

It is "mix".

It is "congenical".

It is "quiet"


It is "Japan" in old language.