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Aug 15, 2006 at 22:29 o\clock

Wow, I forgot a title and got an error in german...hmmm

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Hello everyone, I am still around.  Not much is going on.  I haven't had a lot of time to play with the new set up here so I haven't been around much.  I probably won't be around much until this weekend, as work is crazily busy.  However I will do my best to keep up on what ya'll are doing.  I have made a couple updates (or maybe just one) on my bravenet journal.  Not a whole lot of new and exciting news is going on.  Had a meeting this morning and I just wanted to reach over and strangle my co-worker for even suggesting I not take vacation next week to go to a meeting with the rudest company I have ever worked with. Angry  I don't think as I mentioned to him, I haven't even seen what they are talking about much less would feel I could be productive enough at this meeting...the plan they are going to discuss is something I have barely been talked to about, so I don't see how this meeting (where they are to discuss the plan) would not be a waste of my time and would be so much better than packing for my week long camping trip.  I'm sorry but FUCK YOU!


Anyways, other than that, busy at work, home is mellow.  My dog dug a hole to get out of the yard, little at least my boyfriend is home today so he locked her in her crate most of the day, then I let her run around with me a bit at lunch (when I finally got there....road construction sucks around here, every major road is tore up and being worked on so you have to wait to go anywhere...I waited 20 minutes to get home then 15 to get back to work....grrr....not increasing my mood today)...anyway, ,umm...oh yeah, so my dog was loose at home and she went outside and got her head stuck in the fence cuz she was trying to sneak out know Chihuahua's have big heads so yep, it got stuck...I was on my way to get her when she got loose.  OMG  what a geek!  Now I'm back at work, fun fun...and I need to get back to it, so I will let ya go.  Talk at you later!

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  1. Upchuckreviews wrote at Aug 20, 2006 at 01:46 o\clock:Life has so many ups and down sunexpected bumps and not enough sailing without hassles.
    At least you have a cute doggie to get a few laughs from. Your work sounds like mine formerly.
    i busted my hump there for 14 months only to walk in one day make a mistake on a time punch and find myself jobless by the next day. Why? according to them I falsified a company document. Corporations I hate them.

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