a new start?

Mar 25, 2008 at 01:26 o\clock


by: mike2

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umm well i remembered this website from ages ago so i thought it would be funny to read it all again and well what can i say??
i was such a sado 3 years ago! oh my dear lord! haha =]
oh and look guys! i learned how to spell!! haha
god im a funny guy =]
who would of thought 3 years after all this stupid blog entry crap i would be mad about anime and a much WISER guy, i guess reading my all-so-sad blog entrys i have learned some new things =p
oh and just for the record krissy ended up being the one thing she hated...A CHAV! and she has slept with half of the school and does not hang around with her ultra-cool friends like harriet and ellie =] NO LIE! im actually seriously about the fact that shes a chav and a slut... lol
i hope she doesnt get the same idea as me and re-read all hers and my blogs over again just for laughs and see this comment because if she does...im a dead man! LMAO
hmmm i wonder how many people are actually going to read this? well i know reece will read this because ill be showing him in a few days most probably XD haha
oh and he still my best friend lol =] =]


Jul 28, 2006 at 12:24 o\clock

been a long time?

by: mike2

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so its been a long time hasnt it..ermmm let me see...my last entry was...nearly a year ago!!!=0 anyways nothing new apart from i "like" different girls and stuff like that but wait!heres the dilema there younger than me...owell dusnt matter i dont have any chances with any of them lol thats just life tho...friggin bastards...well cya!

Sep 19, 2005 at 16:08 o\clock

back to this again

by: mike2

Mood: oh like u care?
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ok so im back 2 the "what is love" stage i always 4get about it but every time my mind wonders it comes back 2 that same question hmmmm i wonder wat my future is guna b like....no life...without wife hehe lol umm....ummm i have an obcession about this girl called peeya now...ummm....SHE FIT hehe.....indian tho....no chance :( lol well anyway my board is FUCKED now lol the bearins are crushed lol owell ill get new ones.......adn well.....woteva

Sep 15, 2005 at 18:53 o\clock


by: mike2

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i havnt write in this 4 ages but i am now :) well nothing has changed apart frum lisa is a bitch seems like she was cheating on me.....i fancie sum1 else now and ill give ya a clue people who go 2 my school well....she has brown hair with blonde streaks,in my year,in my D.T class YES!!!! and ummm her name begins with a k and her second name begins in an a hehe find that out!

Aug 29, 2005 at 11:51 o\clock

shuld i ask her out now?

by: mike2

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umm i really wanna ask lisa out but i cant because i dont wanna ask her out i want it 2 go like we kiss then we just automaticly go out if u no wat i mean its more romantic that way and i recon the realtionship will last longer lers just hope i dont fuck this one up too eh?

Aug 28, 2005 at 22:12 o\clock


by: mike2

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lisa there is alot of thing i wanna ask u BUT im scared of wat the ansers will b but i really need 2 no...ummm i wish it could b easier...errr....well bye...

Aug 28, 2005 at 21:21 o\clock


by: mike2

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ok people tell me wat u think of love plz comment it!!!!

Aug 25, 2005 at 21:37 o\clock


by: mike2

Mood: shocked
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omfg!!i went out 2day with lisa(love of my life) and she told me she loved me!!omg!!i cant believe it!!wow!!

Aug 24, 2005 at 15:54 o\clock


by: mike2

Mood: happy

i went out with some "freinds" and she hugged me!!yay!!lol trhings r turning back lol ermmm lets think...lol

Aug 23, 2005 at 22:30 o\clock

......people i need to tell u summint.....

by: mike2

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ok so....im going CRAZY seriously.....earlier i culdnt breath no lie! and all i think about is...is that one thing....god dam me!! arghhh!!!....i need help.....i need 2 talk 2 sum1....i dont even no wot this is all about.....but it has sumthing 2 do with love ill tell u that...thats all i no.....

Aug 23, 2005 at 11:50 o\clock


by: mike2

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ur so cold.......i cant feel ur heart beat....i want 2 hear ur voice again....im scared.....im scared ill b all alone again.....sis.......maybe i wasnt strong enough....maybe i couldnt protect u from the evil in the world.....im sorry.......i love u.......

Aug 23, 2005 at 11:18 o\clock

love triangle?

by: mike2

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Listening to: .cold as ice

i found out yesterday a love triangle is one of the most deadly thng in the world...ur probably thinking yer rite! but wen u think of it it is.... jelousy is a dangerous thing and can lead 2 all sorts of thing even killing sum1 or going completely insane and yes i still carve love and i getting a vague idea of the kind of girl i like...

Aug 23, 2005 at 01:44 o\clock


by: mike2

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well i have just watched my fav film again its called tangled and its about a love triangle and there is a boy who is in love with her but she dont no but then they meet his best m8 and they r all best m8s....4 a little while untill his best m8 makes a move on her and she falls in love with him but then he gets jelous and starts doing all these thing and grassing him up and stuff and its a real good twist at the end its BRILLIANT and not only all that it really makes u think u no.....it showed me alot and it just proves jelousy is a root 2 alll evil and jelousy can make u do all sort of thing...even killing ur best freind...well...wen it comes 2 love....love i a dangerous thing..like....like fire...it start wen it wants 2 and can get out of control and it can get bigger and bigger and nothing can stop it.... but it also goes out very qiuck 2 at times....think about it....

Aug 22, 2005 at 01:13 o\clock

MEG WHITE IS SO BEAUTIFULL!!!and here r some pics of her 2 prove it!!

by: mike2

Mood: excited lmao!!
Listening to: white stripes-my doorbell

 omg she is so well.....beautifulll and i dont care what all u think she is still beautifull 2 me!! lol

Aug 22, 2005 at 00:45 o\clock

i crave love.....

by: mike2

Mood: depressed
Listening to: white stripes-cold cold night

yer ok i admit it.....i crave love i never knew it till now but...i think i no now.....its just i want sum1 who is there 4 me not just as a freind but as sum1 who loves u too, sum1 u can hold in ur arms and hug and kiss ALL day... and i REALLY wanna fall in love again.....ive been thinking about it alot like wat kinda girl i wuld like because i want sum1 who is perfect 4 me and i want it 2 last 4 as long as possible..... and i want love so much because its all i want,like wen i went out with krissy i had like 2 hole gangs on me and NOBODY liked me apart from like 2 or 3 people but i didnt care because i had krissy! and thats all i needed but wen she left me i was like.... all that trouble!! and what do i have 2 show 4 it? NOTHING apart from more enemys......im gonna move away soon.....altho it will b hard leaving reece behind...he has been such a fabulous m8 and he is with out a doubt thye best freind i have ever had he has never let me down or grassed me up and no matter wot he was still my m8 thx reece!well the hole point of me moving away is to get away from running and to meet new people and find that specail person....but u never no i mite even no her now but just not no it yet..... wen love is used in the rite way it can b amazing......(sigh) im not that good at relationships...i mean look i had everything with krissy but i got too overconfident and i lost it all...but i guess no matter wot krissy still would of met jamie and that.....owell maybe she just wasnt rite ahhh whatever... i will find that one specail girl.....lets just hope it will last this time ;)

Aug 19, 2005 at 14:36 o\clock

get behind me satan!

by: mike2

Mood: happy
Listening to: the white stripes

hey krissy wats the point eh? wats the point of telling ur freinds that u wanna be my m8 and then make a nasty comment in my blog and im only not writing is because i havnt been online lately and i have better things to do than argue with u and 2 b honest im enjoying it and if u wanna b m8s then we can but just stop making bad comments on my blog.....phew...... ok now ive sed that i just wanna say im OBCESSED with the white stripes now lol im a really big fan and i wanna go see them play!!yay!! i wanna c meg white!!! i dont like jack white lol owell but they r still gooooooooood lol well im sorta enjoying life at the moment im ALWAYS listening to the white strpies and dwoloading there videos and going on there website and i cant wait till i get there new album im gonna get it 2day i hope...well as u can c i have cut down on the amount of dots i put on my blog lol and reece came up yesterday!!yay!! FINNALY!!!!geez! and OH NO!!! we only have 2 weeks left of the holidays!!! oh and guess wot steven stone and every1 like that aint after me no more because i saw them the other day and they just gave me dirty looks and they didnt chace me or anything not even mouth me off lol kooooooooooool adn i hope ur life is going well krissy and emily ermmmmm i think im over krissy now lol yay!! all ive been doing is been trying to complete this game and ive put up MORE pictures of MEG WHITE because she is F.I.T!!!!!!!!!! dont denie it! lol well cya l8erz init lol get me? no? owell lol bye!!!

Aug 14, 2005 at 21:26 o\clock


by: mike2

Mood: happy!
Listening to: white stripes-blue orchid

oi!! yer u!!krissy u should just STOP reading my blog i DONT read urs no more!!so dont read mine and i dont care wot u say any more NOTHING can hurt me now!!not even steven stone because im stronger now and i can take it and i dont care if u get other people on me ill just stand and fite because im NOT running no more!!im pissed off with it all!!! i dont give a shit no more im happy as i am now and guess wot!! u no that girl i was talking about in my last entry! u no the REALLY FIT one well.....ive got her msn and hse knows me!!and she fancies me!! and im not making it up....YES!!! things are starting to turn around and even reece is coming down A.S.A.P. so thats good seeing as i havnt seen him in ages!!god i miss him( not in a gay way) he is such a good freind lol altho i have been a twat lately to him he is still my m8! wich that all gonna change because im not with krissy no more so we can go out swimming with LISA (REALLY FIT GIRL) and maybe........lol im not gonna tell u my plan because lisa is probz looking at my blog lol owell i still think she is FIT!! and i cant wait till i get to no her because i net she is well WONDEROUS!!! lol well i ahve nothing more to say...well i have LOTS to say but i just cant be bothered......well.....im not bothered about many things apart from.....ermmm.......emily.....because im IN-LOVE with her i think....and i dont wanna lose her.......i dont no i still have mixed feelings...but then again emily loves liam.........owell....well.......shit happens!! too much shit to be honest.....i ALWAYS put dots after my sentences now dont i? lol i mentioned that b4....so many things to do in so little time......love is SHIT!!!! btw dont even bother with it because it always ends up in disaister! well.....4 me anywayz.....ahhhhh!!!! lol well emrmmmmm yer BYE!!!!

Aug 14, 2005 at 03:40 o\clock

am i happy now?

by: mike2

Mood: all sorts
Listening to: the white stripes-blue orchid

i dont no if im happy or not.....errrrr.......i wanna just 4get about me and krissy and start a new life with emily but errrrrrr i have a problem.....emily dont love me no more........dam.......well......i i did get back with emily then i would just easily 4get about krissy......i wanna be free.....i wanna go out and have fun...but about 20 reasons are stopping me.....ahhhhhh!!!!!....i dont no do i? know wat? ahhh!! i anser my qestions i think of then it always ends out with more qestions and less ansers....... if only....... i say that word alot..... because im a person who dusnt have much...... or much to look forward to either..... im sat here drinking LOTS of coke at 2:30 in the morning..... drowding in my sorrow once again...... but every time my mind wonders i always start thinking of emily then i start to think of krissy and then i wonder wat jamie is like how old he is etc. well.... its none of my buisness... ha! owell....... i was in-love ONCE and only once yes krissy i wasnt IN-LOVE with u i just loved u...... with emily it was like errrrr..... different..i dont no how but it just felt...... right... like it was my destiny from birth and emily is probably sat there laughing at me right now while reading thsi but owell.... she has sum1 else now......and if she is happy i am too...i think....... i just want ALL my freinds to be happy and full of life and looking forward to the future..... but y cant i do that...all i do all day is play on my playstation to take my mind off things.. but that aint gonna change anything...ive learned that if u want something u go out and get it and i could do that... but there aint no point... and emily and krissy im not gonna tell u wich one of u i wanna b with lol i dont no......but i no that krissy would just say " its over get over me" and ill just say "i cant" like always.......i feel like screaming....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* that made me feel better... and i even got a bonus!! i woke up next door!! yay!! wow!! isnt it just fun being on ur own....i feel like getting pissed again.....lol and guess wot!!! have u noticed that ever since i split up with krissy nearly after every sentence i put aload of dots lol...... see!!!......owelll its just a habit....... oh btw i LOVE that song ermmm wot was it again..... oh yer the white stripes-blue orchid.....i fucking LOVE that song lol......i mite turn goth......lol just kiddin!! but ive gave it some thought but trust me i wont lol.....even if i did wots it to u!!? huh???well!!? lol just jokin....... im trying to make this blog entry as long as i possibly can...lol i have so much penance......now i garantee that NONE of u no wot penance means!! well look it up!!!lol ahhhhh!!!! i liek screaming now its so fun......i wanna go swimming......but i cant reece is STILL at camping with his cousin!!!!I MEAN FUCKING HELL!!!!! WOT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING!!? BUMMING EACHOTHER!!!!?JESUS CHRIST!!!! (sigh) owell life is a shit hole to be honest im trying to make it bright and joyfull!! but it ends up a load of bollox!! ahhhh wats the fukin point of living if ur not going to enjoy it? acactly i only live 4 one reason!!!LOVE!!! lol i need sum1 to hold in my arms sum1 like......hilary duff!!!lmao!!! just kiddin actaully no!!! KATE HUDSON!!!!! she is soooo fit!!!omg!!!lol im gonna get LOADS more pictures of her on my wall because SOMEBODY(krissy) made me take them down and put them in the bin!!even my fav one!!or i could put some pics of emily on my wall lol...if she will let me......she is cute to be honest every one says she looks like a slut sorry emily but they do im sorry but she dusnt tho...its like there jelous or summint lol because she ahs me!! and they dont!!! lmao just kiddin!!i wish!!i also wanna c that really FIT GIRL i saw at the sk8 park that day...she had a red and orange hat on(like hat boi's hat)lol she was so fit i saw her....ermmm..... 2 days b4 i took the picture of those bois....i winder all the time....if i didnt take that picture would me and krissy still be 2geva?....cus she sed she only stopped loving me because i took that picture wich i think is POTHETIC!!!! if she stopped loving cus of that then she never really loved me in the first place in my eyes it was just LUST.....lol anyway my family is back from nightclub i am now listening to indian music lol but the rock music on!!!!it rocks!!!obviously lol well goodbye.....

Aug 12, 2005 at 16:26 o\clock


by: mike2

Mood: depressed
Listening to: him-reserection

y do people try? y do people give up? do u no these ansers? no? good! because only people who have experiences it will understand the pain of letting some one u love go rite b4 ur eyes....and slowly dieing......one day people will understand this pain we so called "weirdos" feel...its the pain of love.......a dead love.......a rose......that is dead but still u cherish it.....love is something u shuld be coutious about....dont make my mistake i was...well......OVERCONDIDENT some mite say.....maybe i should turn goth......i understand them now.....goths are people who have experienced the pain and wants to die....sacrifice them self some mite call it really......but really deep inside all they want is that one specail person......that makes them feel they can take on the world..... wen they look in ur eyes....they give u shivers down ur spine..... and make u just wanna snog them....... loving some1 is the worst dilema because if they dont love u back..... u get hurt more and more... untill....u let them go wich not many people can do...like me...... i want to let go but something is just making me hold on a little bit more longer...people do..... even knowing that ur only gonna get hurt again... but the worst bit is..... jelaousy.....the most deadly sin of all.... jelaousy can make u do things that well....go off the limits...way too much.... my advice to all u out there who feels the same as me.... is to well let go..... UNLESS ur gonna do something about it!! if ur not going to do anything but feel sorry 4 urself then wat is the point????!!!!!! if u love someone then fight 4 them!!dont just sit there!!fight 4 them!!! if they have some1 else...well if u rally love them still fite 4 them if u get beaten up 4 it then it still proves u love them....... LOVE!!!! i hate it really to b honest but..... u dont no wot u have untill u lost it...so be carefull and krissy if ur reading this well....i am very upset about all this and u can show all ur m8s this u can even show jamie this if u want!!i dont care who u show but i still love u yes and im not scared to admit that.......bye

Aug 9, 2005 at 10:04 o\clock

well shit time eh?

by: mike2

Mood: happy
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so im totally bored 4 the hole of the holidays...unless i go call 4 reece wich i cant b bothered so i have no one to hang around wid well....ill just hang out in my room all day lol all holidays i mean lol i mite just go call 4 reece in a minute tell him that i DONT go out wid krissy no more yay!!reece will be proud of me!!but he will be sad too because of ellie.....owell life goes on like i sed and like we all sed life is a bitch till u marry one!!yipeeeeeeeeeee!!!