Finally the book the world has been waiting for

Jan 24, 2007 at 02:43 o\clock

Here it is by popular demand, the book the world has been waiting for

by: alanlbutler   Keywords: god, christ, book, bible, truth, phrophecy

Elijah Benhyodhe developed a love for the bible from an early age, and has meticulously studied its format and language for 35 years. Being a person with a scientific mind Elijah had to verify the truth and validity of the bible, historically and spiritually, and each time he read through the bible, he was given revelations which are now to be revealed. Because Elijah has made his first priority to comfort humanity with the truth, by answering the big questions of; who we are and why we are here, it has taken him 15 years to write and format this book.SUMMARY OF THE BOOK “The Oracles of God"The book reveals a new perspective and logic which has been hidden from mankind for centuries. It shows us how we are supposed to associate ourselves with the Creator. We are shown what God looks like, His name, where Heaven is situated, the secrets of Babylon and where the ancient races are.We are given thirteen keys of knowledge which enable us to be one with God and to have God Himself possessing our own bodies.We are taught when Christ will return and how to interpret biblical propheciesThe book should be published, because mankind needs to know the truth.The audience for the book is anyone who has been disillusioned by the church, or had a loved one die. Anyone who is searching for the truth or is spiritually inclined in any way, or anyone who does not believe in God.This book will usher in a new age of truth and comfort, an age of revelation and an age of understanding.Available at