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Oct 10, 2005 at 01:37 o\clock


Mood: Urgh. I don't know! Its half past 1 in the morning for gods sake!
Listening to: what ever the hell is on tv. Its some creepy tv show or movie called "lean on me" or something. Its kind of shit

Oh god.

It's 1:16 am and here I am, writing out a blog so complete strangers can read ALL about my very boring and uneventful life. Sheesh. I'm such a loser!!! I'm not even at my own house. I'm at my friend Wendy's place on her computer and I won't even be able to update this until I come back here, or until I secretly log onto this site at school when I'm doing "schoolwork". Not that I actually DO the work, of course.

But still.

You know whats really annoying about all this typing?

It's really annoying cos I can't seem to type all the words out  properly. I keep leaving caps lock on and pressing all the wrong buttons and the space bar for no reason. And it's really annoying to keep on having to go back and change all the mistakes.

Anyways, as interesting as all this is (NOT!) I wanna go to sleep now. I have an outcome in like, 8 hours so I'm gonna to sleep now.

Au revour!

P.s. I just found this quote, and I kind of like it : 

rain falls into the open eyes of the dead
again with its pointless sound
when the moon finds them they are the color of everything

William Stanley Merwin

Is it pirdy? I thought so too. Or am I just weirdly morbid?

Weirdly morbid, I guess.