Best Bed Bug Killer Spray

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Best Bed Bug Killer Spray

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How to Eradicate Bed Bugs with Steam Heat?



The common pest known as a bedbug is a very small, flat and translucent brown insect. They favor dark cracks and crevices and are frequently found hidden in the seams of a mattress. They can also be found along baseboards in a carpeted room behind curtains where they meet the floor and many other hidden areas inside a residence. In the recent years, these little blood sucking vampires have made an alarming come-back.


Steam kills bedbugs due to the fact they have little tolerance to extremes of heat. Exposure to temperatures of approximately 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill bedbugs instantly. This level of heat can be easily reached by utilizing a steam cleaner.


In addition to treat an infested mattress and the surrounding areas with steam heat, all bed sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow covers, and so on should be removed and washed in the hottest water available. The laundering of these items should be followed by drying them in an automatic clothes dryer using the hottest cycle available.




Any pest can and usually will eventually develop a resistance to chemical compounds if utilized repeatedly. The use of DDT based pesticides nearly brought about the extinction of bedbugs after World War II, but over time the wily bedbug developed resistance to the chemical, rendering it virtually ineffective as a viable method for controlling the spread of bedbugs. Alternate methods of control have become popular in the recent years including the use of specially designed steam cleaners that kill bedbugs with heat delivered in the form of dry steam.


Steam cleaning all carpeting surfaces around and under the bed can be useful, paying special attention to the baseboard areas where the carpeting meets the wall. If feasible, repairing all cracks in the walls and then sealing them with clean paint can be an aid in the campaign against bedbugs. They can take up residence nearly anywhere and a structure with an extreme infestation may possibly require several different methods of treatment in addition to steam.


Just treating the bed with steam may not be adequate for a population of bedbugs which has spread out to other areas of the home. In that case, a steam machine can be used to treat all surfaces except for electrical outlets and electronic devices. Steam does not mix well with electronic devices due to the moisture content of the steam. Electronic devices and electrical outlets can be safely treated with dust in form of diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth kills bedbugs by clogging their pores with dust causing them to suffocate.


I hope you know how to eradicate bed bugs with steam heat now. Please ask any questions if you have and visit for more bedbug killing products.