Walk to Wellington

Mar 2, 2006 at 15:47 o\clock

Another obstacle

by: jaybee

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Friday, 3.40am

What now?

Brent has organised us to go to Waihi Beach at Easter time. He also doesn't think I should be going on the road in holiday traffic. He still doesn't think my feet will manage the distance. He says I should put it off till next year and do some serious training.

It's depressing. Wish I had the guts just to go ahead and do it, by myself with no support at all if neccessary.

I have been clocking up a few k's with morning walks, but not consistently enough to meet my self imposed 20k per week goal. There's never any time after work and the weekends evaporate.



Feb 13, 2006 at 10:30 o\clock

Still plodding

by: jaybee

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Monday, 10.30 pm

Yeeha! I kept to my goal, for the first week anyway. With the help of a humungous 9 km walk yesterday, I  clocked up 22 kms last week. 22 kms and about as many blisters dammit. But at least I've made a start.  I'm bone weary though, could be the walk, could be the wine (after 2 - 3 weeks off it). Feel as though I should have dropped at least 2 stone but not even 2 pounds has gone. Rats.


Catch ya later,


Feb 5, 2006 at 23:00 o\clock

In training

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Sunday, 10.37 am


Have sort of tentatively almost perhaps decided to do The Walk at Easter time, because of stat hols and such. The husband has fueled my determination by flatly stating that I'm dreaming and can't/won't be able to do it - too old, too out of condition, feet prone to too many problems yada yada yada.


So, me being me, I'm resolved to do it.


Er, its getting rather close and a bit scary.


Well anyway, I've decided to begin upping the exercise at least. I don't like to call it training because that conjures up visions of silly twats power walking around looking like they've got carrots stuck up their bums and flinging their arms around like the windfarm propellers - and I refuse to go there. Having made that decision, I've sort of started - have been for 2 or 3 medium walks this week (some of them early morning too, impressive seeing as mornings are not my forte), and a BIG walk today. Medium is 4-6 km, and I don't know how far the big one was cos I haven't clocked it yet but will do so when I take number one son for a driving lesson later today. It took nearly an hour and a half.

I figure that if I keep track of these sorties, maybe in red ink in the handwritten journal, it will keep the enthusiasm going. I think I'll aim at doing 20k per week minimum - after all, that's what The Walk will entail each day.


Some problems are surfacing. Because I don't do the full arm swinging power walking thing, my hands swell after about half an hour. Also, I'm having trouble with blisters on my big toe and the one next to it. Got a beaut today, and that will probably bugger me up for a couple of days. No, it's not toenails rubbing, or ill fitting shoes; I think it's just a fraction too much friction. Maybe I'll have to put plasters on before starting out.


On the up side, I can now keep those teeny little radio earpiece things in - my good old headphones died (you try walking on one ear instead of stereo - I tend to walk to one side!) so I was forced to persist and am delighted to have got the knack. Maybe my earholes are not deformed after all! 

Won't even start worrying about accommodation yet, it will sort itself out I hope. Can't see me backpacking a tent and sleeping bag and dossing down on the side of the road, but motels/B&B/backpackers etc in the right place at the right time could be hard to find, and expensive when you consider we're talking more than one or two nights. If I was fundraising for something I could tout for sponsorship, so maybe I should explore that avenue and get someone like the Venturers to come with me and they could do the fundraising and I'd just tag along...hmmmm.


Ok, back to domesticity.





Dec 7, 2005 at 06:22 o\clock

Houston, we have a problem

by: jaybee


(That's a typical Kiwi greeting)

Long time no see, lots has happened but nothing changes - much.

Have decided to postpone the walk to Wellington until Easter so as not to interrupt the family Christmas holiday - also, I wasn't certain whether or not I had leave available from my work. As it turns out, I do, so could have fitted it in, but would the family want to sacrifice their annual Christmas camping trip?  I seriously doubt it. So Easter it is. Perhaps with support from the girls at work, we'll see.


More later.




Jul 28, 2005 at 12:40 o\clock

Me and my big mouth....

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Thursday, 10.23 pm


Well so far this week I have shared my plans to walk to Wellington with a few more people: Debra who looks after Duncan after school, Amanda and Ngaire at work, Duncan.... The more I tell, the more pressure is on me to do what I have stated I will do.


Haven't done anything much towards training this week, largely because I've been working every day so far and going to the gym at night doesn't appeal or fit in with "life". I did take Shirley Murray's dog for a half hour walk after work on Tuesday night so I guess that counts a little! I intend to photocopy some maps at work on Saturday, to put in the journal and maybe to scan here.


I am assuming that all will go smoothly and I will be able to take off whenever I want to, but I suppose the mere fact that it will be the Christmas holidays could have a bearing on the trip. For example, what if I have to work? Brent has already said that he has a big work project on over the Christmas period, that being the only time the particular site is available for shut-down. So, there goes one child care avenue. Michael, my co-walker, is now making noises about doing a "road trip" with some of his mates from school (Oh No!) so that could be a spanner in the works too. I don't really want to go alone. Or maybe, if he's serious about going into the Navy, he might have to go up to Auckland for that. Or it could be an inconvenient time of the month....I'm definitely not doing it then!

Accommodation is beginning to worry me. At one time I considered taking a pup tent and camping wherever we stopped but it's not really practical because that would also mean lugging sleeping bags and gear - and I think the less I have to carry, the better. All very well for those intrepid North Cape to the Bluff walkers who go with army trucks full of support crew - this ain't gonna be like that babe. I have definite or possible billets in Sanson and Levin but need to find a few more than that. The last night I plan to spend in a swanky hotel (no expense spared IF I make it all the way!) enjoying any/all luxuries available. Could stay in motels along the way, but it would cost heaps and I'm too frugal for that.

I have a list of things to take in my day pack, but haven't worked out how to get spare clothes, food etc to each location. If I was doing a charity walk to raise funds for some good cause I would be able to hit businesses up for sponsorship, but it's a mere whim so I can't. Maybe I could con a few mates into shouting me a night here or there.....


Will go to the gym tomorrow as I'm not working. Have discovered that it is possible to A) ride the exercycle and B) use the treadmill while reading your book and not fall off/over/get seasick! It helps pass the time.


Plod on,