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Dec 31, 2005 at 17:03 o\clock

The Love of my Life?

by: jamryn

Reading through the blogs today I came acrost this one http://www.blogigo.com/princess_pia  She posed  several questions that I'd like to give my answers here. 

Side note. These are my opinions and ideas -  that I'm sharing. I did say sharing - not force feading to anyone.  

 " I feel like he dosen't hear me when I cry out that I need him." God - does hear us. Whether it's a whisper or an out and out  screem.  The dificulty comes in when we don't wait for the answer? Conversation is a two way street. We need to  lissen as well as voicing our concerns.  This also holds true ourselves and  GOD. A fellow human? - the same thing.  If you feel he's not hearing you - he's not realy listening.

 " I need him now more than ever." With God - this is true for this whole Earth !

" I feel like he dosen't know how bad things really are."  With GOD - he KNOWS ! But then again that's what you get when - given free choice. Your choice may or may not be the same as mine.  Like a loving parent - He can only guide you.  It's up to us to listen or not. Or to interpert the guidence to our own way of thinking.  Most fellow humans are carring on a ( entirely different ) conversation in our heads - while someone else is talking. Therefor - not listening - carefully - causes a lot of confusion.

" Or maybe he just dosen't care." He  KNOWES  and He does CARE !  It's back to that thing about FREE WILL. Check out "The  To Do List " http://www.blogigo.com/jamryn1  Humans tend to be a bit on the selfish side, only caring about what will best serve themselves.

 " Not even if it means the end of us." With GOD -  there will NEVER  be an end of ( God + us) us.  He will never , never , never leave us. No matter how bad we  screw up.  He'll always be there - waiting for our cry. Wether it be a whisper or an out and out scream.

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