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Dec 13, 2005 at 16:12 o\clock

Love Everyone?

by: jamryn

Thanks  davecathy  for the comment. Love is a very big and complicated subject. One that I doubt any human will ever fully comprehend.   It is my beleve that like many say that - - - God is Love.   We can only strive to learn more about - Love - not that we will ever totaly achieve it. It is not my intent to ofend anyone, but the best definition that I a mere human can give is from the Bible. 

1  Corinthians 13: 4-7

Love never gives up.

Love cares more for others than self.

Love dosen't want what it dosen't have.

Love dosen't strut. 

Dosen't have a swelled head

Dosen't force itself on others

Isn't always " Me first". 

Dosen't fly off the handle.

Dosen't keep score of the sins of others.

Dosen't revel when others grovel.

Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth.

Puts up with anything.

Trusts God always.

Always looks for the best.

Never looks back.

But keeps going to the end.

Those are not just fancy words that someone wrote many many years ago.  To me it's a road map - a plan - a way to a happier and healthier life.

I'll agree with you  there are people on this earth that seem to be unlovable.  Some might even say that about my husband. 

The message I get is Love the person - not their actions.  

But I know that he's only reflecting 95%  the attitude and life style  of his decesed mother and grandfather.  They didn't know any better because the grew up with 100% of  that hatrid, vengence, evil  and mis trust. 

So did hubby.  Yet there is a seed of love and  caring in there some where.  Who am I to give up , when - with the next turn of the corner and find the key and unlock  the door - and free him to a  happier and healthier life?

 That's why I especialy liked that quote. That we should strive for - not nessarly achieve - but strive fore a little more Love and a lot  less HAIT in our lives in 2006

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