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Dec 3, 2005 at 18:08 o\clock


by: jamryn

WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!! We're being lied to by the very ones we trusted to protect us. 

                         That being 

                     BUSH & CHENEY. 

You think that 60% of the people here - not trusting the two of them - read http://www.iraqdaily.com what 78%  of the other Arab nations  think of the situation.

They are very suspicious of the United States and becoming more so as time goes on. 4 out of 5 say that they had more peace before all this.

 Bush and Cheney seem to be leading us in the oppsite  direction any type of peace. There or here.  Wake up people we ARE being lied to.

 Last may Cheney told us the insurgency was dieing down - the news tells  us daily that its increasing - who's telling us the TRUTH?

Last wednesday Bush said the Iraq forces was getting stronger and can soon take over much of the fighting.  No mention of the heavily growing CIVIL WAR  growing among all the citizans there. 

They are killing of their own  just as fast or faster.  Who's taking the place of our troops?

Who's telling us the TRUTH ? or not?

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