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Jul 24, 2006 at 13:23 o\clock

I'm still here !

by: jamryn

WOW ! How time flys when your having fun, or drags when you're not. None the less, It can be a real shocker when .....all of a sudden you realise, just how  much of it has passed.  I had'nt realized it was that long ago that I posted  anything. Nothing much has changed. Life has'nt suddenly gotten more facinating. It's just plugging along ....like a slow...slow....slow freight train,gathering useless pieces of information. Such as.....

America having half of the world's marble domes.  There are only four marble domes on buildings in the entire world...and the United States has two of them !

 The huge marble dome on top of the State Capitol of Rhode Island was the first in America....The marble dome on top of the Minnesoda State Capitol Building was the second. 

The other marble domes in the  world are on te top of the Tai Mahal and St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome.

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