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Jul 27, 2006 at 21:16 o\clock

Good comments Dave

by: jamryn

Thanks for the thought provocking comments.

  My thought would be if  the majority of people - who came to this country back in the 1700's were followers of Budda - Shiva - Mohammend or of other religions  seeking a better way of life and founded the country on the principals of those religions   - then the monuments would most likely reflect that. 

It's kind of like a group of people starting up a new organization and laying down the ground rules. Does that mean that with in the next 300 years or so that there can't be some changes  here or there? No. That in it'self was part of the original plan - that we adapt to each others life styles.

When you make a pot of  vegtable soup - when does the potatos have the right to declare it potato soup in stead of vegtable soup and people enjoying all the flavors as one?

Sort of the "Melting Pot Idea". You take what works and add to it - not dicect it into millions of pieces.  In that case - if that would be the plan we would no longer be one "UNITED " country. We would be a million different  countries on one contenent.

It's like the people from Mexico comming in to the United states ( wanting the fredom that we have ) and yet wanting to change our  national anthem to their words and language so they can feel more at home.

To continue the comment on that issue? No we are not so UNITED at this particular time. We've got red states fighting blue states,etc. It's all one big mess. What we desperetely need is someone to step up and be the hero and bring us all back together iregardless if they are Democrat, Republican or Indpendant.  Someone who can see  value on both sides.

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  1. Upchuckreviews wrote at Aug 20, 2006 at 01:27 o\clock:Societies change and evolve but not because thats the way it should be Jamryn. It happens because noone stands up to speak loud enough for principles they represent. A democratic society basically is mob rules. The voice of the people has declared things to be as they are. We voted in most of the systems we now have to live by. Its too bad many have lost site of why the country started with the principles it put into place in our founding documents. God help us now
    that all these beliefs exist on our soil. I'm wondering who will be left to see the eternal
    monotheistic way of life when a new heaven and new earth are in place? Its ironic noone believed the flood would come either in Noahs day. I ask my readers what will you think of a great melting pot belief system then?
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