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Mar 13, 2006 at 15:26 o\clock

And so we return to normal.......

by: jamryn

Question # 1.( after a death in the familey)  What is normal?  Is it the same for you and I?  Where do we go from here? Dare we be bold enough to jump back into life. Or just dabble a toe here or there.

I wish someone would have written a rule book with all these changes - writen out in detail.

 Yet there lays the problem ....there is no such rule book....prepared for us. We write it daily .... as we move forward with our own lives.

I've fatancised for years as to who and what my other sister( in heaven ) was like. I've wanted to get closer and to get to know her.

  Now my brother has gone to be by her side.  Leaving  us two girls behind.   50 - 50  - two in heaven and two here on earth.  

Life will go on - Life will be great.....It's just not clear  - at the moment - as to where I begin  - again.