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Mar 20, 2006 at 14:35 o\clock

Intelegents test

by: jamryn

Is any one listening? 

CHILD SUPPORT  is designed to help CHILDREN!  With that we have no problem.

 Yet when the Child grows up - Graduates from High School - Turns 20 years old - is indpendent - on her own - married  and earning her own income.  When do we STOP calling her a child?

Second when the court system hands down a judgement that Social Security should STOP  deducting such payments from a persons DISABILITY check - 6 to 7 months ago - repeat  6 to 7 months ago - that would make it  last September, would someone please tell me why  Social Security  - STILL  sends a letter - admonishing the disabled parent a letter that it's their DUTY  to keep paying.

!!!!!!!!   Reminder the Child is 20 years old and married. !!!!!!!!!!

If that dosen't baffel you  - answer this - 

If the disabled parent isn't getting their  money

If the so called CHILD isn't getting the DISABLED parents money 

WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING?????????? http://www.blogigo.com/jamryn1

AND  WHY????????????

Mar 13, 2006 at 15:26 o\clock

And so we return to normal.......

by: jamryn

Question # 1.( after a death in the familey)  What is normal?  Is it the same for you and I?  Where do we go from here? Dare we be bold enough to jump back into life. Or just dabble a toe here or there.

I wish someone would have written a rule book with all these changes - writen out in detail.

 Yet there lays the problem ....there is no such rule book....prepared for us. We write it daily .... as we move forward with our own lives.

I've fatancised for years as to who and what my other sister( in heaven ) was like. I've wanted to get closer and to get to know her.

  Now my brother has gone to be by her side.  Leaving  us two girls behind.   50 - 50  - two in heaven and two here on earth.  

Life will go on - Life will be great.....It's just not clear  - at the moment - as to where I begin  - again.

Mar 12, 2006 at 14:53 o\clock

I guess( sometimes ) there's good reasons to keep secrets.

by: jamryn

So there we are ....smack in the middle of a funeral and this person is telling -  US -  who my brother was. We knew that parts of his work were secretive - but not that secretive. 

Member of the then  Army Security Agency? Now knowen as National Security Agent/ Centeral Secrrity Service.   I was expecting Mr Bush to show up any second. 

Lunar landing experments? Some which are still on the moon ( today ). 

I tell you  I will NEVER look at the moon in the same old way  ever again.   It truley was a  celebration of his life, in every way from the drawing of grandpa ( by his grandaughter) in heaven with Jesus and the angels to the  5 - 5 - 5  call  rang on the bell seting before the black draped fire engine at the cematary. 

Mar 11, 2006 at 16:48 o\clock

Help !!!!! I'm lost in a time fog

by: jamryn

It's hard to tell .....if I'm comming or going.  Is this what it feels like to have time stand still?  If it is  .........  I DON'T LIKE IT!

Mar 10, 2006 at 15:19 o\clock

Time passes us by.

by: jamryn

It's an interesting thought......as hard as we may try  - things change - as time goes by  - things are different.

We might have felt uneasy about something in the past  - only to find a whole new set of thoughts  about it now.  Just a few years ago I would have been terrabely upset at the thought of losing  a brother or sister to death.

  In fact as my brother kind of  lightely quiped about his  several battles with skin cancer, I told him that was not allowed and that he was expected to stick aroung for quite a while.

   Today - this past few days as I mention  his passing - I'm at peace and invision that he too has now found true peace.  Strange but  I'm happy for him.  Not that I'm ready to join him - I'm not, but I'm also a bit jelous of him. 

It was said that before he passed that he told of seeing his dad - our dad and his ( our )grandfather . 

Our grandfather had only one arm.  Our whole life that is how we saw and remembered him.

  My brothers statement was - Grandfather now has TWO arms. 


Mar 7, 2006 at 16:51 o\clock

My mother once told me

by: jamryn

.......that Tommorow  is another day. I f today's not going well, just wait. It's not a usual thing that I wait that long between blogs. But when - a tragity - hits sometimes it can knock you over with a feather.   I thought I had solved the stickey situation from my last blog.  I was sinking in to my bed to get a few hours of sleep - to help conduct a great speech contest - the next morning. It's 10 pm.  My sister calls. She does not - ever - call at that time of the night.  Her - news - our brother is in the hospital - dieing - not expected to live. That was 3 days ago.   WOW that was one  heavy feather.