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Jan 31, 2006 at 16:37 o\clock

Thank you

by: jamryn


Jan 30, 2006 at 17:04 o\clock

The power is OURS!

by: jamryn

Don't give up - don't give in. Together let's take back the power and our right to blogging.

  Between the prepend errors and the rash of  penis enlarging  type blogs - lets re clame  this space for what it was - what it can be again.

Moving from bloging sites to other sights is not going to solve it. The un desired is already there  or will follow - soon after we do.   It becomes an un ending cycle.

So - together let's stick together and take back OUR  BLOGIGO that we've all enjoyed. Stick together and demand the prepend error problem be taken care of. 

As for the xxx sex rated blogs - it's their right to write that stuff - but we don't need it in our face all the time . Give them a section all  to themselves.

Jan 30, 2006 at 16:32 o\clock

Get this phone off my ear.

by: jamryn

Yack - yack - yack - yack  - he's back!  My step son's back on the phone.

He's all excited - his wife of  34 days call him at 3 am ( in the morning ). She's stationed oversees.  We're counting down the days till he can get over there with her. It's frustrating - he's  frustrated - we're all frustrated. 

I'm getting a second hand  xxx rated movie review - teeth brusing sounds - gargeling -  including long periods of silence -  etc. over the phone. O-oh my fingers are starting to go numb. switch the phone to the other hand - nope that's already numb  from the first hour on the phone. 

Some body  have a head set? - Please.

Jan 30, 2006 at 15:38 o\clock

30 days gone and 335 yet to go.

by: jamryn

Happy New Year - Hurray - hurray  for 2006. It's been a BANG up start for me. I see a lot of plus's  for this year. 

Of sorts it's been all rushing in on me for the last 4 weeks.  I need to remind myself that this - slowing down period - is not a sign that is all over , but that it's a resting place, before bigger and better things come my way.

Jan 21, 2006 at 16:28 o\clock

Today's Leaders

by: jamryn

50 years ago  it has been said that to be a successful  and efficient leader - a person should be able to THINK, REMEMBER, IMAGINE and ACT.  Have things realy changed that much - or - could we use those standards yet today?

Leadership consists in the ability to lead and direct thought and action. It enables us to influence people to think as we think, feel as we  feel and act as we would  like them to act.

THINK  Cause and effect - using good judgement - (think) first what the customers need are. How can I best fill those needs - etc.

REMEMBER  People's names which is more important , the team or an indivisual - their perfered choices - favorites ( of your product or service ) - when they might need more or renewinng ( of your product or sercice) etc.

IMAGINE In todays language - Vision.  To be inventive and creative enough  to see possabilities for the future. To want to better the world around them.  

ACT   All three of those are worth nothing at all if you don't ACT upon them.  A leader needs the courage to put all the pieces together and respond. Even when things look bad.

Our leaders today - are they Thinking cleary? Are they taking into account what's best for all of us - or just themselves? Are they stuck in their own thoughts of grandure or are they truly reaching out toward a better future for us all? Do they have the courage to move forward and act on it?

Jan 20, 2006 at 16:50 o\clock


by: jamryn

from " Salesmanship and Business Efficienty" by James and John Knox......50 year old info.... yet still  viable today.


Have a Definite Aim in life......

This the great tragedy of American Life. The man that has no objective is going nowhere. He is just Drifting, and consequently he never arrives.


Fortify Yourself by a Burning Conquering Determination to reach your Goal........

There is one quickest, best, easiest method of acquiring the desirable things of life. But you must first

           decide what you want!


Know that the things you wish to achieve are Legitimate, Practical and Truly Desirable.......


Organize your Mental Forces........

The greatest piece of machinery ever constructed is not the airplain, battleship, submarine or telephone (or the computer) but the one within the human head. But that is a discovery the average man has never made. The mind  with all its thoughts, hopes, impulses, desires, prejudices and aspirations is nothing but a confused jumble untill organized and made effective by the conscious power of an erenest, conscious purpose.


Find a way or Make one


Jan 20, 2006 at 16:08 o\clock

The best year ever........

by: jamryn

Yep...yep...yep.....I can feel it  this is going to be the best year ......ever! 

The renewed relationship between the youngest child ( stepchild) and hubby and I is absolutely great.   The other child is reaching out - but still can't compleately let go of negative and falce statements of the past. She will in time. When the time is right for her. 

 Hubby is closer to realizing that we can have different opinions and thats ok. He's even realizing that there comes a time when you put aside thoughts of working ( retirement)- and take it easy.

Yep this is going to be a realy great year, I can feel it in my bones. 

Jan 20, 2006 at 15:32 o\clock

Fast - faster and hun?

by: jamryn

Is it time for Christmas .....soon?  Wow....only 20 days  into this new year and I 'm allready wore out.  I knew this was destine to be a good year......but this fast? 

Jan 16, 2006 at 17:02 o\clock

Decisions - decisions - What should I do?

by: jamryn


Decisions - why is it so hard for us to make one and stick to it?  Why are we such fence riders - afraid to fall to one side or the other?   Why are we neither hot or cold.  We have become so stagnate and stale that when we complain about the stench we don't realise that we're the ones making the foul smell.

People are funny. They want the frount of the bus, the middle of the road and the back of the church. Forbidden fruits create many jams. to make a long story short, don't tell it. Some minds are like concrete, thouroughly mixed up and permanently set.

We have enough Homer Simpsons ( perhaps too many ) in the world today. Why not strive to be the next Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks? Why not make a decision - choose a side and stick to it? Why not step out of that staganate comfort zone. Get off the fence and maybe even realize your full potential?


I double dog dare you to take that first step!!!!!!

Jan 16, 2006 at 16:18 o\clock

Fun Facts Quiz - answers

by: jamryn

How many did you guess?


1. The largest joint in a man's body is the knee.

2. Lake's Superior,Huron, Erie, and Michigan all border the state of Michigan.

3. Out of the five mentioned ( Zink,copper,peuter,bronze and brass ) Zink and copper are not alloys.

4. If you once lived in the state of Franklin - and never moved - you now live in the state of  Tennessee.

5. We got a bargon by paying Russia  2 cents per acre for Alaska.

6. In one night a mole can travel up to 300 ft.

7. Out of the 10 bumpers on the 5 cars only 8 of them were touching.

8. All three - Jefferson, Adams and Monroe left this Earth on July 4th.

Jan 16, 2006 at 16:02 o\clock

Blogigo blogers unite

by: jamryn

Calling all blogers that's reading this: Let's speak up against this - frustrating and annoying - ERROR COULD NOT ESTABLISH DATABACE CONNECTION IN PREPEND - message. 

Speak plain engligh - if there are problems ocurring with Blogigo - tell us and also tell us - short and simple what you're doing to correct them.

We come to Blogigo to communicate with friends and to have some fun. Let me tell you     PREPEND ERRORS  are not FUN!!!!!

Jan 15, 2006 at 15:38 o\clock

Fun Facts Quiz

by: jamryn

sent to me by a friend.

How many do you know?

1. what is the largest joint in a man's body?

2. which state is touched by  4 of the 5 great lakes?

3. zink,copper,bronze,brass -- which of these are not alloys?

4. in 1788 there was a state called franklin.  Franklin  is  a part of what state today?

5. how much did the U.S. pay Russia per acre for Alaska?

6. how far can a mole travel in one night?

7. five automobiles were lined up bumper to bumper. how many bumpers were actually touching  each other?

8. what month and day did thomas jefferson, john adams and james monroe all die on?

Answers????? Those will be posted - Tomorrow - enjoy

Jan 13, 2006 at 16:48 o\clock

Friday the 13th.

by: jamryn

                                                   Good Luck

                                               Good Luck

                                  Good Luck

                          Good Luck

                  Good Luck

          Good Luck

   Good Luck

Jan 8, 2006 at 19:35 o\clock

A True Miracle

by: jamryn

It is a true  miracle.

One we thought we'd never see.  The dictonary definition of Miracle  says - an event inexplicable by the laws of nature. 

13 to 14 years ago hubby and I met - married and thought all's well with the world.  We began what we thought would be a successfull blend of  two families. In less than 4 days - all hell broke loose.

Long story shory - for reasons unknowen  haitfull things were said that instranged two children from their natural parent.

After 13 to 14 years one begins to put the past in the past and accept the facts.  This is the life we have now.  This all we have now.  Nothing more will come of trying to get better.

Then came the letter.  From one of the estranged children ( both now adults ) then a phone call - then meeting face to face - to a past finaly being buried and a joyous new begining. 

The second child? 

They will come around when they are ready- we're being told.

OK !

We'll wait. 

Today  came the miracle  in the form of a simple e-mail.

It's true good things come to those who wait ! Miracles do happen.

Jan 1, 2006 at 15:24 o\clock

2006 Prosperity Proclamations

by: jamryn


Want a really happy new year?  Say that phrase( AFFERMATION ) above ( out loud )  several times a day, for a month or more. 

An affermation is a declaration you make to your self of something you beleve  or hope to beleve. Beleve it .....or not......what you're doing is reprograming your brain. 

Your subconscious mind can not tell the difference between at this moment truth's.  You repeat that phrase  often enough over the next month or two, your brain will assume the statment is true and imediately go to work to make it happen.

Happy Prosperty - Happy New Year