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Dec 26, 2005 at 16:36 o\clock


by: jamryn

first - taking a quick glance backward.  My mother's favorite phrase for me was - half assed and backwards.

Oh how I haited that phrase. That was untill I discovered my dyslexia and ADD. Now I claim it as - what makes me SPECIAL.

My friend sends me these cute storys and sayings every week.  This weeks  - YEAR END REFLECTIONS  I  was thinking - why - why just once a year?  Why don't we try to spread this out over a full year?

If that were possable ( any thing is possable ) it might look like this:

1.   All year long we would enjoy sampeling ( just a taste or two - not pigging out) the abundance of good food.

2.  There would be parties and people  and songs and SMILES all year long. Just think of all we could celebrate - 

January - New Years,Marten Luther King Day, Chinese New Year

Febuary - Groundhog Day, Presidents Day, Valentines Day

March - St. Patrick's Day, The beginning of Spring

April - Earth Day( April 22),tax Day, Spring

 May - Mothers Day, Memorial Day

June - Graguations, Flag Day, Fathers Day, Summer

July - Indpendance Day

August - Summer

September - Labor Day, Grandparents Day, Autumn

October - Columbus Day, Halloween

November - Thanks giving Day 

December - Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter, etc.

Not to mention Aniverserys and Birthdays.

We could take the time to stroll through a mountain pathway, taking time to stop and listen. 

To sit quietly be a crakling fire place or camp fire, staring into the heat and letting our thoughts  emerge, drift, and linger. 

All year long  we could enjoy the grand and glorous MUSIC being played all around us.

We could enjoy being - who we are  - and all those around us.Enjoy the differences and celebrate the things we have in common.

 Just maybe - just maybe there would be more LOVE  and  less HATE  -  just maybe.