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Dec 24, 2005 at 16:05 o\clock

Oh so true

by: jamryn

lyrics from a Christmas song written by Richard Avery and Donald Marsh:

Give a little though about your Christmas.

Should you really give a plastic gun?

Real enough to play with, Teach him how to slay with,

Till that awful day when he must learn to aim & kill  some mothers son.

Look around and see who needs a present:

Lonely ones, the sick, the unemployed.

Give to the needy, Not the greedy,

Don't just feed the over-fed, the over-minked, the over-toyed.

Try a gift that takes a little effort

Choose a gift that lasts a little while.

Dollar signs can't measure all the life-long pleasure.

In the daily treasure of a touch, a word:" I  Love You " with a smile.

Give a little something special, give  a little something more.

Give  a little love, give a little joy, give a little credit to the Baby Boy.

Who gave a little something special, Who gave a little something more.