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Apr 30, 2005 at 22:43 o\clock

The wishing Tree

by: jamryn

Where - o - where is my wishing tree?

I don't think there is such a thing - as a Wishing Tree, but if there was I'd surley plant one just outside my door.  I would water and care for it to insure it a long long life.  There are days that things go well and days that they do not. Well today seems to be one of the - not - days. I wish that there were such a tree , because for today I'd pluck a leaf for:

eliminating my headache, backache, cramps in my lower stomach, knees,legs, ankles and feet.

For the preasure and pain in the rest of my head and ears plus the constent  loud rinning noise.

For the dry scratchy rash that covers both arms and the overly dryness of my hands.  For the extreem constent heat that pours out of nearly every part of me. For the dry stuffy nose that seems to constantly be plugged up yet wont clear out  no matter how much or hard I  blow it.

For just a little extra income to be able to afford ordanary things like shanpoo,deoderent, toothpaste,  dish washing soap both liquid and for the dishwasher, trash bags, etc.

For live company to talk to, A clean  uncluttered house  for that company to sit in. Even for a cuple skeins of yarn so I could knit something - any thing  just to keep my hands and mind busy. 

For all that  I'm afrade that my poor wishing tree would be stripped bare in less than one day. Since I don't have the Wishing Tree I guess I just need to offer each concern  in prayer to God.  Through the power of Jesus's name I know that all my needs will be met.   


Apr 30, 2005 at 16:28 o\clock

In answer to Web log of Dibidubi - written - 4/30/05

by: jamryn

god project?  Since there was no place for comments on Dibidubi's blog I'll comment here.  I found this an interesting blog - writing about a wide concept that could go eather way.  Dibidubi if you are reading this - could you clarify what your thoughts are? I went back to the web.for more info.  This is is what I've found.  






Apr 30, 2005 at 15:53 o\clock


by: jamryn

Tit for Tat -  A  whole lot of this and none of that.

I was just bumming around the internet - for no particular reason. This combined with what's running through my mind equles the following results. 

I did learn something today. While searching for the poem Mondays Child - discovered the correct name is Saterdays Child. 

Mondays Child is fair of face.

Tuesdays Child is full of  grace.

Wednesdays Child is full of woe.

Thursdays Child has far to go.

Fridays Child is loving and giving.

Saterdays Child works hard for a living.

And the Child that is born on the  Sabbth day is bonny and blith and good and gay.  

Now realize this rhyme was written  eions ago and has nothing to do with sexual ( Sundays Child )prefferences. 

How interesting  that a word can have different meanings  depending upon which century it is spoken.  Anyone rember the little square carmel or choccolate squares of candy - used for weight loss?  If you had some in your hand - you might say you had  - Aids.

While checking my byohrythem for today I discovered that I am  22127 days old. My husband is 21862 days old. He is only 265 days younger than I am.  In 53 days we will be the same (numerical ) age. In 153 days I'll once again be able to say I'm a year older.

How old are you - in  days?

Back to the poem - I'm a hard working person. Hubby is Loving and (sometimes - LOL )giving. and two of my children are full of Grace. One I can easely see - the other you'd have to take an extera hard look. LOL  Don't get me wrong - I do love them both.

Apr 30, 2005 at 14:53 o\clock


by: jamryn

Thanks to every one who took part in the last poll about Trust.  I found out that truth and honesty is still what we're looking for.  That many of us are too trusting. But then again we see the need for more truth - honesty and  trusting one another.

Check out the new poll. It's about health care. Do you have it?

Do you have enough of it? 

Are you getting what you need ( correct and usefull answers ) from your doctor?

Do you trust your Doctor 100% Or is he one that over fills the waiting room - rushes everyone through an appointment in 5 to 10 min.s  or less and dispenses medication like it was candy  to be given out on Halloween?

Do you beleve in alternitive methods to health care? If so - what?

Apr 30, 2005 at 14:25 o\clock

May Day

by: jamryn

May Day is a comming

A pretty little toon I'm a humming

April showers brings May flowers

I could set in this field for hours

A tisket a tasket

A red and yellow basket

I'll fill it with fresh

Orange poppies, Blue Bells and Lavender you bet 

And leave you a Rainbow on you'r door step.

Apr 27, 2005 at 15:33 o\clock


by: jamryn

Get out of my way....because i'm MAD! MAD ! MAD! MAD! I log on this morning and begin to add to my story.  When I'm finished and go to click on publish....my  FRICKEN FRACKEN COMPUTER boots me off. No worning ...no nothing just disconnect. Then it takes me nearly 15 min's to get the thing to turn back on and get to my home page. From there it takes another 5 minutes to get back to Blogigo.   All that good stuff that I had typed in GONE -GONE -GONE - GONE!!!! I'll never remember it. I'll have to re-type all new stuff, which may or may not be better. I am so  MAD! I could just cry.  .............I think I'll go play some games on POGO  and cool down.

Apr 26, 2005 at 15:48 o\clock

Chapter two

by: jamryn

 One can sit in that mud puddle only so long thought Hope. There just has to be something else to do.  She thought hard and long, but as near as she figured no one ever died from bordom. Humm.... maybe she would be the first one.  At least she could use that as her claim to fame. A short life but one well noted. Gee I wonder, thought  Hope is that what happened to the other sister?  

For the twenty hundreth time that day Hope's  plea fell on deft ears as she pleaded with ma ma.  

"There's nothing to do." whined Hope. 

"Hope  you need to learn how to entertain your self."

The responce was the same time after time. So much so that Hope sometimes wondered if there was no ma ma there. Just a cardboard cutout and a broken record player. So she turned to go back outside. 

"And stay out of those mud puddles."

Yep she was sure of it.  There was no ma ma, just the cardbord cutouts and a broken record player.

It was getting later in the day and the other kids in the neighborhood were comming home from school.  Hope secretly watched  them one  by one hopeing to find sone clue as to what wonders this magical place held. She didn't exactely know what or where this thing call school was. All she knew, was it had to be better than here. This magical place, every day it captured all the kids in the neighborhood and her daddy and left her alone with the  talking cardboard cutout.  This school....it must have something realy good because , every day it pulls the all back in. They woulden't go if it wasen't good.

"Ma ma ... when can I go to school?" begged Hope.

"Not untill you're 7" said  the card board cutout.  "

But Sussie and Johnnie are 6 , just like me , and they get to go.  Why not me?"

"It's because there birthdays are before September" came the responce.

Stupid rule thought Hope. Why would this stupid rule single her out, letting every one else have all the fun and leave her home  to do nothing. 

Apr 25, 2005 at 23:36 o\clock

Mud Pies?

by: jamryn

 In writing the first chapter  for my book, I mentioned a happy go lucky child sitting in the middle of a mud puddle.   I remember making mud pies as a kid but never dreamed that there would be a recipe for one.  Look what I found on the internet. 

Mississippi Mudpie. 

8  servings.

1 prepared 8 inch ( 6oz ) chocolate crumb crust

 1 cup powered sugar 1 cup ( 6 oz ) NESTLE TOLL HOUSE (R) Semi-sweet chocolate morsels

1/4 cup (1/2 stick ) butter, cut up

1/4 cup heavy whipping cream

2 tablespoons light corn syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3/4 cups chopped nuts

2 pints of slightely sofftened  coffee ice cream

 whipped cream ( optional)


Heat sugar, morsles, butter, cream and corn syrup in a small heavy duty sause pan over low heat. Stur constantly untill the butter is melted and the mixture is  smooth. Remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract. Cool untill slightely warm.


Drizzle 1/3 choclate sauce in the bottom of the crust. Sprinkle with 1/4 cup of nuts and one pint of the ice cream. Freeze for an hour. Repeat the layers of sauce, nuts, and ice cream  and top with a final layor of sauce and nuts. Freeze for 2 hours till firm. Top with the whipped cream if desired.

Apr 25, 2005 at 22:46 o\clock

Blissful Bubbles

by: jamryn

Bubbles - bubbles -bubbles every where there's bubbles. 

In each one,  the wories of the world - each carring away all our troubles.

If it was just that simple. To  once again be 2 or 3 or 4.

And watch our hopes and dreams soar.

In each bubble as it takes flight, carries both - a worry and a wish.

As it reaches the top - pop it goes The worries gone forever in a swish. 

The wishes  tucked away on the cotten candy clouds  - floor. 

Just slightely beyond  our finger tips waiting for us to - release it - and let it  SOAR.

Apr 25, 2005 at 16:47 o\clock

Chapter One

by: jamryn

Families - like the people within them - are each unique and special.  Like the snowfakes  falling from the sky, each one is different than the one before them. It's the world that surounds us that brings out that uniqueness. This is my story, my life, some joyful some not. Somethings I'm still learning, others are lessons that though difficult to learn will never be forgotten.

Since I count myself as a member of the human race - a familey - within its self I can not tell this story without hope that it will shed some light into  each of your families and make the road  a little easer to travel. 

We begin this journey with our main charter.Throughout this story there will be moments  and facts that are 100% belevable and some that are as wispy as the cotten candy clouds you see above you. This will all become clearer as you get to know this charater. 

Her name being Hope. You see Hope's life is like that. Sometimes crystal clear and  rooted firmly here on earth.  Other times it's free floating far far above the clouds themselves. 

 Hope's story starts in the season of conflict between summer and winter of 1944.  This seemed fitting since the essence of her life - in her opinion - has  swayed  from connection to dis-connection at any given moment.  In 1944  we were still at war. Over 60 years has passed and we are still at war. "Is this the norm? "Thinks Hope.  "Will there ever be a time when we can come together as a familey? A familey that looks out for one another?"  Hope's family seemed like the tipical familey of that time.  One father, one mother, a big brother and a big sister. 

Oh ya there was also the secret - there had  been a second sister, but no one was talking much about that. It was to be taken as fact that every memorial day flowers were to be gathered to be placed on her grave. Nothing more nothing less.  It was fact that it was Hope's duty to gather these flowers . To place them on the grave and that was that.  This secret would plague Hope for the next 50+ years. Untill an ailling parent could hold the secret no longer.

To take a quick glance at Hope as a small child one would think that everything was as it should be - happy and carefree. Her early memories are of bright colored beads on a walker, leading na na from room to room and happely playing in the largest mud puddle she could find. The mud and conflicts of life didn't matter. They could easely be washed away in a tub full of brightely colored bubbles. Life was just one big happy blur up to the time to begin school.

Apr 25, 2005 at 16:05 o\clock

I've been inspired

by: jamryn

or threatened to be left behind.  I seems that everyone but "ME"  is getting their self published.  Time to - get the but in gear - and join the croud. 

I updated the maps for the Toastmasters book and will get an OK or not from the big boss on wednesday.  Then that one is ready to be sent to the publishers. 

Book # 2   I did another time line last night. This time adding some real recipies to each chapter. What I'm going to try  - is to write a chapter  here each day? Now remember that I said  - try.  I'm great at making plans but trrrable at sticking to them.

Also  very bad spelling and grammer. Any editors or proofreaders out there?  HELP!!!!!

Apr 24, 2005 at 14:32 o\clock


by: jamryn

80 degree weather - nice  but unseasonaly warm for April. 5 DAYS LATER -  Snow showers?

Enough to cover the ground and up to 3 inches else where. I'm so confused?????

Neather one is normal weather  for this time of the year.

Ok ok .......which Blogigo dude stole SPRING? 

Apr 22, 2005 at 19:00 o\clock


by: jamryn

Cheer......Rah rah for Blogigo

Ooze.......or pass on the fun of Blogigo to everyone everywhere

Motivate.....others to be the best  they can be


Live you're lives with

 E ffervesence.....bubbling over with liveliness and excellaration with a


Embrace......encirleing the world in a


Testiment to all mankind.

Apr 22, 2005 at 17:26 o\clock

Complain or complement

by: jamryn

One you express grief, pain or discomfort about someone or thing The other is described as something that  fills up, compleats or makes perfect.

Perfection?  Honestely there is no such thing. There is always room for change.  Change happens - if we want it to or not. What can we do about it? Eather Complain about it  or Complement it. 

Think of it as a steady diet of a glass of  qunine water or sugar water. After the first 10 glasses  - which would you choose? Of course no one would want a total 100% of eather one, yet given a choice I' d opt for a 90 to 95%  for the sugar.

It's been said you become what you eat( or drink) Using the two glasses of liquid - whom  would you say you are?



or a combination.........

If a combo. by what percent?

Apr 21, 2005 at 14:40 o\clock

Did you hear that......

by: jamryn

Were you listening?  It is a knowen fact that we lissen or hear others speaking faster than we speak. Our minds  process what others are saying  much faster. No wonder we want to jump in  with our two cents worth.

Yet  like I said in a previous blog......this is not about  U.  the one speaking should be getting the attention.....all the attention. When it's your turn to speak ....if you did it right.....you'll get the attention. 

What we're all looking for is constructive "Feedback"  The goal should be to  provide honest reactions as to what they are saying. All you're doing is giving your opinions and reactions.

One trick that should help is - repeat the same message ( worded differently )back to them.  Saying something like what you are saying is.....?

When we lissen it is far too easy to twist the words in to our own adjenda rather than the one  who's speaking.  What they said may be totaly night and day different than what we thought we heard. 

Apr 20, 2005 at 22:24 o\clock

Need a laugh?

by: jamryn

check out  http://www.stevemartin.com     need some inspiration  check out  www.yeartosuccess.com    While I was reading  day # 255  Inspiration from Steve Martin  in Year to Success written by Bo Bennett,   I learned that:

Success is knowing how to sell yourself.

Success does not come easy.

Success can be a result of making good contacts.

Success is daring to be different.

Success is contantly pushing yourself.

Success is knowing the odds.

Success is learning to deal with failure.

 Success is being creative.

Apr 20, 2005 at 21:29 o\clock

and one more thing

by: jamryn

as a continuence of the last blog.  Why don't people get the message that it's not about them? No matter what the issue it's not all about Uif you realy want to get ahead in this world - be more concerned about someone else. 

Go over and above in helping someone else.  Every one in this world  lissens to W.I.F.M.radio station.  Whats in it for me? 

If there are 4 people in the room - and I'm running off at the mouth, about myself  - I  guarentee you that three of them have tuned me out long time ago. How can  I  get them back?  Call their names and show genuine and sincear interest in what their thinking. 

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Don't pick on people, jump on their failures, criticise their faults - - - unless you want the same treatment. Don't condem those who are down; that hardness can boomerang.  Be easy on people; you'll find life a lot easier.  Give away your life; you'll find life given back, not mearly given back - - - given back with bonus and blessing.  Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity. 

Luke 6:37,38

Apr 20, 2005 at 16:12 o\clock

Things that upset or make you cringe.

by: jamryn

 I'm  dyslexic - I know I'm dyslexic, I do things different and backwards, but I don't need a prying audience  24/7/365.  

Hubby just got out of the shower and he is setting about 5 feet or less, away from me - quietly watching every single move I'm making.  It makes me feel as if  I'm commiting some horrable crime and will be instantely cuffed and drug away any second now.

My delema - if I say something he's going to take it the wrong way and we're off  to a good round of screeming and name calling.  If  I say nothing  then I'm getting more and more on edge and get chewed out for that.It's like ....duh?  We've talked about this time and time again......what about  don't hover over me did you not get? 

Do you have pet peeves? What realy  pisses you off?

Apr 20, 2005 at 15:54 o\clock

It's time

by: jamryn

The smoke has cleared. the new Pope is here.  Back to the issue at hand   http://www.wndu.com/news/042005/news_41652.php   Day light savings.   I could never figuer this one out....is there realy a savings?  What do you think?

Apr 20, 2005 at 15:38 o\clock

It's Spring

by: jamryn

After two days of 80 degrees  or above I feel safe in saying " IT'S HERE". 

The trees are turning that light hazy shade of green. the dandlions are popind up all over the place and I'm seeing people mowing their lawn. 

What are some of the signs of spring are you seeing?