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Jan 28, 2005 at 20:33 o\clock

Bitch session comming on. - Beware.!

by: jamryn

Mood: Pissed !!!

Today is suppose to be a day of fun. Like I mentioned in the previous blog.

At the moment I'm NOT  feeling fun.  I just called the familey Dr. to get a follow up appointment - from a situation that landed me in the emergency room - last week.  The Hospital insisted that I make an appointment with the Dr.  A.S.A.P.

So I make the call. With all that education - one would think - that there should be some sort of intellegence  connected to the people working there. - Duh !!!  

It's more pass the buck  when you don't ( or won't try to ) understand a simple request from a patient. If it dosn't fit into their pre conceved ( there's and only there's ) plan, then at all cost throw as many monkey renches at the problem as possable.

Sc_ _ _  it  I'll wait  another 17 days and see him then.It's doubtfull that i'll croke before then.

Jan 28, 2005 at 16:34 o\clock

Have fun

by: jamryn

Today is "Have fun at Work Day"   Life is too short - not to. 


Shake things up a bit.Follow my friend here to "BLOG.GO" land Go ahead let your hair down and sing along with the Blog sisters  

....a blogging we will go


..  a bloging we will go


..go in and out   


two or more  


 don't fall on the floor 


bloggiety  bloggiety bloggiety 


a bloging we will go.


 By by for now  all you wild and crazy blogers  ....                                                                                                    

Jan 27, 2005 at 15:40 o\clock

Drama - drama - drama

by: jamryn

Life is nothing more than a stage - and we are the actors. Ever feel like you are trapped in the wrong play? You'd rather be in comedies rather than the horror show - going on around you? Hang in there - the one thing that is certan is that THINGS CHANGE !

Jan 24, 2005 at 15:26 o\clock

Let's celebrate

by: jamryn

Some where in the world - today - people are celebrating The Feast of St. Timothy  Timothy was knowen as the patron saint of stomach troubles. This was because he would take a little wine with his food - as he said  it was for the health of his stomach.

Timothy was the desciple to whom Apostle Paul wrote two of the Epistles in the New Testiment.

1st. Timothy vs. 2 To Timothy my true son in the faith: Grace, mercy and peace from God the father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

Do you suppose that today also being the 70th. aniversery of the sale of the first can of beer in Richmond Va., that in todays world there will be some that  will substitute the wine for a can of beer? Not me ! I  still prefer the wine.

Jan 22, 2005 at 17:14 o\clock

Hello - Hello - Hello

by: jamryn

Hello  new friends.

My name is Nadine, my nickname is Jamryn. You may use either one. Up front I will let you know that I am dyslexic and i'm prone to making a lot of spelling and gramatical mistakes.  I realy do not mind ( with in reason)if you call my attention to them and give me the correct spelling.

My background:

I'm entering my 60's and have been retired for about 4 to 5 years- from the nursing field. I'm married - hubbie is also retired  and on full disability. I'm a Distinguished Toastmaster with hopes of becomming a profesional speaker and a published author some day - soon.