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Jan 16, 2007 at 00:50 o\clock

Well...what else can I do?

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Listening to: Spongebob Squarepants(nephew sleeping over)

So, I am here writing after a little over a month.  I try to be online and write, but the depression is so aweful.  Thanks TCHOCK!!!  Love you too!  If you all would like to know my name and whatever at myspace just give a holla!  Well, my name is winterweather on there so that is that.  I don't blog on there often either butI have some friends I check in on now and again.  I must tell you though that you have to be my friend as I have my status set to private.

Nothing new here.  Hubby and I have decided to work on things.  At this time it is mostly me.  I find myself blaming ME for the crap he did and I do know it is not my fault!  He had the wandering eye and chose to throw it away. 

Found out that the house is paid off by my mom brfore she died and now we are just waiting for the title to change over to me...yes me!  Not hubby as my mom left it to ME in her will.  I will be getting a signifigant amount of cash from her investments.  It will go into my savings account as well.  The one he does not know about...shhhh...lol 

My kids have been great through all of this.  Oh get this...my bitch mother in law called the other day to see how we were and I told her fine for now.  She told me that she wishes I had never told her about it but...if I ever needed to talk she would be there.  This coming from the same person who told hubby to divorce me years back and in front of my daughter no less.  I just say yeah whatever. 

I think the temperature got to -20 F today...yes that is 20 degrees below 0 .  I have had the cars plugged in all the time.  OMG...I was such a nutter the other day!  I forgot to unplug the cord and ended up taking it with me and losing it a few miles away from home so I had to go buy a new one.  I do that at least once a year so it is nothing new for me...hee hee.

This Saturday is the QCI banquet at hubbys' work.  Haven't said whether or not I will attend.  There are a couple of girls there with their hubbys' that are cool to talk with but I feel so stupid being left there by hubby when he is hobknobbing.  I don't know yet!

This Thursday I go to the dentist to get my teeth laser whitened.  I know such a waste huh?  I don't think so.  I have tried the toothpastes and mouth rinses for whiteneing but haven't got the results I would like.  So I get to it there for 2 hours with my mouth open.

Then Friday I get my nails done and maybe my hair hi and low- lighted.  So excited. 

So I have finally updated and there it is.  Thank you to all who cared enough to comment...I appreciate it alot.  TCHOCK...do not go back to him...you are sweet and don't need that crap!!!

Take Care Those Who Do and Those Who Don't...


Comments for this entry:

  1. Buttercup2 wrote at Jan 16, 2007 at 02:07 o\clock:Hi there! Glad you have posted and I hope conditions improve for you soon. It sounds like financially at least you will be taken care of. As far as the relationship goes, that you will know in time. Listen to your instincts and observe and learn from your experiences, past and present. You will know what to do. The question is.......... will you act on what you know. It took me so many years to find my peace about my first marriage. We struggled thru so many years of counseling and trying to make something work because we were also childhood sweethearts and friends. Well now we are still friends and both with new partners. We did try hard and I don't blame either of us for the ending. I am just glad we didn't lose our friendship. I am now madly in love with my second hubby of 7 years and feel so blessed to finally 'know' I am loved and not have to always wonder if its true. The ending is different for everyone though. I just wish you the best no matter what you decide to do. Hugs, Aly
  2. mey2 wrote at Jan 17, 2007 at 22:39 o\clock:Dearest Jackie
    I am a rotten friend. I have been so busy that I have forgotten to come and see you when you needed your friends the most. Please forgive my selfishness.
    I spoke to Tchoky tonight and Shell too and they told me what happened and I am so so sooo sorry. Your husband is a F***ing bastard and he really does not deserve you cause you are such a great lovely person!!!
    I promise I will come here more often and show you my support. I am really sorry for letting you down like this.
    Take care babe and keep your chin up!
    Love you
  3. Miss260903 wrote at Jan 25, 2007 at 00:11 o\clock:Hi Miss J,
    I'm sorry honey, I have been a rotten rotten friend! I didn't realize you were in such dire straits and so sad. I love ya Jackie & if you need to vent, rant, or just to talk, email me at SocialAnxiety03@Yahoo.ca and I will definitely answer back. I'm a great listener & a good secret keeper.
    I love ya sugar & I am so so sorry that I haven't been here for you. I was checking your bravejournal, but I forgot about this one. :( I will be adding it to my favorites again & I'll be checkin' up on ya soon.
    Stay safe sugar & if it makes you feel better.....Kick him in the family jewels. ;-)

    All my love & Blessings too,
    ~Teri~ xoxoxoxoxo <3
  4. thecru wrote at Jan 30, 2007 at 03:29 o\clock:so sorry that depression is kicking you in the emotional backside.
    i think every woman needs her own little stash of cash just in case.
    i hope you find some medication or something that will help your depression.
  5. gaobin wrote at May 17, 2007 at 04:59 o\clock:I'am coming!
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