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Jun 5, 2008 at 00:40 o\clock

WOW...over a year since last post...

Yes it has been over a year since last post...I guess I got lost in myspace and msn messenger lol.  There have been many changes since last I wrote.  I am no longer with the hubby and have met a wonderful man named Joe.  The problem is, is that he lives in VA.  So the distance is hard.  Ilove this man so much.  He is kind caring and so adorable. 
Well, I see this site is still buggy, it changed my font and size like it always used to, oh well I will deal with it I guess.  
The kids are great.  My son will graduate(fingers crossed) at the end of next year and my daughter will be a sophmoreI feel so old.  lol  Damn this site is buggy and I am in no mood to keep correcting this...grrr.
Well I hope this finds some of you well and others on their way well...I have miss all of you very much!

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