*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Dec 4, 2006 at 07:16 o\clock

People are shit and there it is!

Ok, so things are really shitty right about now.  I went to darts with my cheating husband as I so way needed a break from shit...yeah I know with him, but I have no friends of my own.  Anyways, I left early, there was this guy there who said some crappy things to me and it was so hurtful, I left!  I mean really bad stuff.  He does not know me nor have we ever met before.  I came home and did the naughty thing and pretty bad too.  I am still bleeding.  I am crying my eyes out right now.  I thought this kind of shit was done with in high school.  Nope I guess not.  It was so hurtful and not needed.  I am under so much stress right now that anything will make me go insane.  This did.  I am so close to just being done with everything right now it isn't even worth mentioning.  I feel so alone and unloved.  Hubby is back on his way home but that does not matter to me, he is a cheating asshole who doesn't care.  He says he wants to be with me but that is hard to believe since he cheated on me three times with the same person.  I should really tell all the shit that goes on here.  No hubby does not beat or say mean things to me ever. But to be ignored is just as bad, to know you are not even acknowledged is awful...yeah poor me huh?  Well until you go through it you will never know!  This is my only outlet right now and I feel bad that some of you have to read this, but it is helping me, to write and vent.  I have no one else in my life to help me...Goddess...HELP!