*Like It or Not...This Is Me*

Nov 24, 2006 at 07:57 o\clock

What a Shit week for me...

As you all know by now my husband of 15 years wasted my life.  I have found out so much this past week about his little indiscretion or lack there of.  The one time he told me has now turned into three(sam chick)oh I mean slut!).  And it was during and AFTER my mother was sick and died.  How flippin' tacky and disgusting.  I went to the doctor last night and have now been tested for HIV and other little STDs'.  I now have to be tested every 6 months for 3 years to make sure I have nothing.  Isn't that just great?  If I do have something, his ass and hers are so way being taken to court.  I found out there is a law that if she knew he was married and she did...I can sue her ass as well.  I can get child support and alimony since I didn't work throughout the marriage and he has to provide me with the way of life I am accustomed to.  But as of yet I do not know what to do, I am needing professional help now so that is my main goal for Monday.  Oh, conveniently(SP?) he is up at his mothers' today and tomorrow for a funeral.  How much you wanna wager he is going to see her too?  She lives up there in that area he is at!  I tried to find her address online but it is unlisted, damn I so way wanted to send her some ads in the magazines to order shit. lol  I am evil like that you know!  She should suffer as much as HUBBY DOES!  We had Thanksgiving at my sisters and w/o him there.  So nice!  I made the turkey and cheezy potatoes and homemade pumpkin pies.  Sis made the mashed taters and veggies.  It was great.  I even was able to have wine with dinner.  I found out on a cooking show that they make organic wine without sulfites in it.  See, I am allergic to sulfa, etc...So for once I was able to enjoy wine(four glasses BTW) and I didn't get all red and sweaty and hard to breathe. YAY, I can enjoy wine again!  Since I have bored you all long enough I will let you go!



Nov 13, 2006 at 06:15 o\clock

Why now?

Well, it has happened.  The man I thought I loved is an asshole cheater.  I guess I had it coming though...me being fat and ugly and so very stupid.  I got  MY cell phone bill and she texted him over 100 times last month and talks all the time...did he think that I wasn't going to see the bill?  Normally I do not look at it unless it has extra charges onit and this one did.  Text message charges and alot of them.  I am so alone right now...I really need my mother. Sad I did do the naughty thing.  I am contemplating taking the bottle of morphine tablets I took from my mothers' after she passed away.  I have nothing left.  I know I wasn't IN LOVE with him, but I do love him...like a brother.  So yeah my night has sucked.  I feel like taking all the money out of the account and just blowing it all or put it in my account I started for myself and leaving it all behind!  Yep, I did do that.  I took half the insurance money and put it away from him and even have the kids as my beneficiaries in the untimely event of my death!  Not bad huh?  I just know I do not want him to have it.  I am also changing the beneficiaries of my life insurance to my kids and not hubby!  He should get shite because he is shite. 

I thought I was going to have a great weekend and get the basement cleaned and organized bit no, I have to deal with that shit...well it is late and I do not want to be out here in the living room when HE gets here...oh, btw, he is at darts and of course that and drinking and his friends come before any of us!


Nov 5, 2006 at 16:42 o\clock

Saddam to hang...

Wow, I cannot believe they are going to hang Saddam Hussein.  I feel eye for an eye but killing is still NOT the answer.  Let him loose and let the people take care of him, not the government...lol  That would be a worse death in my opinion.  I am still just amazed by all that.

I have my nephews' 4th birthday to go to today at 1 PM.  I bought him a Ficsher Price digital camera for kids.  He can drop it, bang it around and it will still work great.  I like it better than the $400 camera I just bought.  With his, you get to take up to 60 pics w/o a SD card and with mine only like 8.  My son bought him a SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS lego set with his own money(I am proud!), and my daughter got him a BACKYARDIGANS phonics reading set and a freezer thingy for the cooler or his backpack.   Should be a good time today!  He is big into SUPERMAN now so that is the theme and the cake decorations!

We have had no heat for the last week as our blower motor went out on the furnace.  We have been using portable plug in heaters.  Everywhere we went to wants all the cash up front and well we just don't have $400 laying around...well we do now but it is the weekend.  That strike was hard on the finances and ate all we had saved up.  See on Friday I got the check from my mothers' life insurance policy.  It sure was a nice chunck of money.  I put half into a savings accout I started without hubbys' knowledge, just for in case kind of days you know!  The rest I paid for my camera, bought the kids clothes they desparately needed, bought the nephew his gifts and the rest I am saving for Christmas gifts.  Oh and I bought myself a 1 carat solitaire ring...well it is half paid for...I have it on lay-by.  YAY for me huh?  Well, hubby hides money from me cuz he says I spend it all...uhhh the other way around I think.  He has things he hides and then I come across it and ask and he is all yeah whatever.  So I think it is time for me.  I let people get away with too much.  We should be getting another much bigger check in January but hubby thinks it is only like 3 or 4 grand but in reality it is like 15 times that!  That he will never see as I may just get it all in cash and put it in a safety deposit box.  Well all but the 3 grande lol!

Well, I best start getting ready now!

Later peeps!



Just so you know...I just got some insurance money from my mothers' passing away so we got then had the money for the furnace and the new camera...just don't be thinkin' I spent that on the camera and not the furnace...okiday?