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Aug 13, 2006 at 20:36 o\clock


Mood: freaking out a bit
Listening to: watching Joe Dirt

Ok, so I am a bit freaking out here and trying to figure this all new shit out! 

Not much new here.  Still going to my mothers' and watching her and my nephew all day long!  It is really beginning to wear me out alot.  But she is improving fast! 

My damn cat threw up on the cable box and now it won't turn on.  I think she got electrocuted a little bit cuz she is all freaky.  That really ticks me off alot as I used to have all the movie channels for free on it.  I have no idea as to why I got all those extra channels.  We never had to pay for them and it was only on that one box.  Not now damnit all to hell.  So I guess I will have to go to the cable company, stand in line for two hours just to get a new box!  GRRRRR...

Last night was so fun.  My daughter and I went outside and blew up the air mattress and put blankets down and watched the sky...so peaceful till the asshole neighbors came outside and were acting all stupid!

Well I best get going, hubby is home now with laundry soap and I have tons to do.



Aug 1, 2006 at 03:30 o\clock

It has been quite a long journey so far...

As some of you know all the shit that has been going on with me lately, I have not been on much, I do however read your blogs daily, just not in the mood to sign in and all that crap.  So here you go...I shall attempt a writing.

My mother got out of the hospitol about two weeks ago and I have been caring for her ever since as we do not want her falling again.  She is using a walker and a wheelchair and getting pretty damn good at it.  Mainly it is just until her hip gets better oh, and the cast comes off her wrist this Friday(knock on wood)!!!  They had her back on chemo right away and so last monday was her first since the fall and today as well.   I tell you I am about worn out.  I get maybe at most two hours of sleep at night. 

My sister from Florida came all last week and it was great to see her.  I really miss her.  She and I get along better than my one sister who lives here.  Anyways...long story there...lol  It was so great to see my neice as well.  Last time I saw her she was like 1 years old.  She is going to be five in Dec.  

My auntie and cousin also came down.  Damn, we found some old pics and she was like I want I want(my auntie was acting like that).  I told her I want them and want to have some copied for my sisters and I.  She does not know this but I found some other ones and she is NOT getting them...maybe copies-hee hee.  I found some really creepy ones of my great grandparents who came from Russia and they were dead in some of the pics.  Creepy right?  But I looked at them.  I also found pics of my great great uncle who was in some war and he is in his uniform and then the next pic was him being transported off a train in his coffin with the whole shebang of a veteran funeral.  Just amazing if you think about it.  I like having these memories(although I never met or knew half of the people in the pics). 

Hubby leaves for Wefest:   http://www.wefest.com/  tomorrow night after work and won't be home till Sunday.  Kind of nice but not! 

My friend had bad news last week.  Well it first started out great.  She found out she was pregneant on the fourth of July.  Well that was great until she had spotting and went to the doc.  She had an unfertilized egg growing inside her which is a ghost pregnancy or something like that.  So they gave her stuff to take to get it out and it hasn't comeout yet so she has to go in for a D & C.  I just hope it all goes well.  I feel so bad for her!  She really wanted this. 

This past Sunday was the BOBCAT picnic.  Well of course it had to be the hottest day of the year(one hundred and twelve degrees) and it set a record.  We went to the lunch and then my friend and I took the kiddos to the zoo. I had my nephew and daughter.  Hubby hob nobbed as usual.  It was ok.  I just feel bad for the animals and all being an animal lover! lol  Got a good sunburn on my head.  It hurts alot!

Well I better close this and for all who care...I am fine but barely hanging in as I am so tired and all...but will be alright!


Later all...